Haiku: The Universe of Vehicles

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@vdux runs a delightful haiku contest. Steemians are attracted to this poetry exercise by the dozens. I'm going to see how many haiku I can produce with the current prompt, vehicles.

I've Already Submitted Two

Open the windows
No air conditioning here!
We need a new car!!

I love my wagon
It takes me around the yard
When Mommy pulls me :)


A Few More:

A plane overhead
Makes me think of travel
Where is it going?

A train zooms along
Faces in passing windows
What are they thinking?


Trucks pound the highways
Carrying stuff here and there
The thread of commerce

That red bicycle
It's the first I ever owned
I'm proud to ride it


My black SUV
Has clones all over the road
A bit boring, no?

The bus spews thick smoke
The people inside look tired
Even the driver

I'm in a balloon!
Scary to float free up here
But so exciting


Gliding off the cliff
I soar over rocky shores
This is really fun

My scooter goes fast
Much faster than my brother's
He's always behind!

My canoe, so sleek
Cuts easily through water
Watch out for rapids!


Gigantic cruise ships
Travel the Caribbean
I've never tried one

Spiffy snowmobile
Speeds on past skis and snowshoes
Power is not green


I can keep going with these. They are so much fun. There's a chance of winning a small prize, but the real point is to write and read what others have written. Try it. You'll love it!!

This is released into the public domain. It's been suggested (@ruth-girl) that this blog might be a useful instruction tool. That would be great! I'm re-tagging the post with #steemiteducation.


You know this could easily be used in class, in a 'means of transport' project... I'm saving it!

You're right! I was just having fun, but it might be useful. I'm going to edit and make the whole thing free/public domain. When I taught, years ago, I used to write all my own resource material. Kids always preferred it to the packaged stuff.

By the way, happy, happy birthday. So young, so much ahead of you. Great things in your future 🎂🌟

Making your own material is always better, especially when you can adjust t to your kids' needs and abilities. Did you keep a blog with your projects?

Thank you so much for the lovely wishes sweet @agmoore! 🤗💖

You're welcome! Hope you are enjoying your vacation 🎈 🏓

I only taught for six years: 1990--96. I kept stacks of what I wrote in hard copy but of course let that go in time. Nice part about writing for your own classes is you know the individual weaknesses of the students and can address those. You can also modify and hand out a new edition if the first doesn't work.

I think that writing for a specific audience helped me to hone my skills. It was important to be economical--not use more words than necessary--because otherwise the kids would lose interest. I taught social studies, which students find particularly boring :) so making the copy entertaining was a challenge. I remember shamelessly exploiting the birthmark on Mikhail Gorbachev's head. All I had to say was "unfortunate birthmark" and the lesson would come alive. My apologies, and gratitude, to Mr. Gorbachev.

You took me down memory lane with this comment. Thanks, @ruth-girl. Have fun, with your students and your sweet family 😇

Oh, your subject was challenging, therefore you had to pull out all your weapons :P
It is fun to make up tricks to help students both memorize and stay interested in the lesson. A teacher's job is demanding, just like you did with Mr Gorbachev.

I wish you have a lovely new month @agmoore! May it bring you lots of beautiful moments with your people!

And you also, my dear young @ruth-girl. Have fun, every day. It's spring...a gift 😇

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Thank you! So nice of you to stop by and support my post :)

Wow, lots of haikus!

Slow night?


I like your haikus.
I have fun reading it all.
It sure made my day.😊

Thank you! And so much fun to write :)

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