"Dog" - a haiku for @vdux!

in haiku •  last year 

Warm brown eyes stare bright

Slobbering tongue lolls, panting

Faithful; man's best friend 

A haiku written for @vdux's haiku contest! This week's contest is to write a haiku about a dog, you don't have to write the word "dog" in the haiku as long as it's obvious what you are writing about.

You can find the contest at the following link --https://steemit.com/contest/@vdux/a-new-vdux-contest-2-sbd-upvotes-and-more -- and you should totally join in! Come! Write a haiku about a dog! :D

The image I used is a CC0 image courtesy of Pixabay! 

Thank you for reading! :)

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Nice.i realy like dogs

Really sweet haiku. I'm about to comment on the contest post. Thanks for entering my contest and also for telling others about it!

No worries! :) Thanks for reading my 17 syllables! :D

Great pet portrait and terrific haiku

Thank you! :) The portrait is merely a thingee from Pixabay, but I chose it because it reminds me of a friend's dog.