Autumn Waterfall 【Haiku of Japan #20】

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big waterfall
joining its constant roar
autumn's voice

(daibakufu / hitosuji aki no / koe o sou)

(Print by Kawase Hasui)

Let's see... off the top of my head, I've mentioned the moon (and moon-viewing), scarecrows, the Milky Way, and various leaves as autumn kigo (nature words) that are commonly used in haiku.

Another is autumn wind, literally referred to in Japanese as the voice of autumn (姫の声 aki no koe). You may see it translated in many different ways, but it is referring to the wind and related things, such as the sound of the wind blowing leaves on a deserted trail.

This is one of my favorite woodblock prints, a beautiful scene by Kawase Hasui. It fits this haiku very well, doesn't it?

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Thank you for reading. :)

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Hi thereDavid LaSpina is an American photographer lost in Japan, trying to capture the beauty of this country one photo at a time.
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A very creative post. I really love it.

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