Hello @ranchorelaxo

I want to promote #blurt for you. The development of the blurt blog is getting better and the token price has reached $0.026. @ranchorelaxo you also have the same power as steemit in blurt. hopefully you will be active there too to help us there #blurt. upvote curation is divided by 2 with content creators so you will get curation back 50% of the value of upvotes you give to others. I'll be waiting for you there @ranchorelaxo. thank you


this is my account on #blurt

Hellow sir !! Sorry for this comment ! I want to notice you that you have more than 1.4 million BLURT Power in Blurt Blockchain !! Blurt is a fork of Steem Blockchain which started 1 july 2020.I have started a curation program in Blurt blockchain to support quality content creator and I need your support.You can delegate your Blurt Power to @freevoter !! Freevoter sharing 90% curation reward with its Delegators.Please consider my request.You can access your Blurt balance in this website and can easily delegate your Blurt Power ! Thank you !!

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