Stop Blaming and Downvoting @haejin He Is The Hero

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Hello I want to say that people are blaming and criticizing That @haejin do not predict that sudden Drop,
This market drop was over all drop due to some personal clashes between countries it is not related to the analysis and prediction ,He is also a human ,You can check all his last posts that how many time his prediction is successful ,i am new to the site and still learning but how much i compare his prediction and n next days i check more than 90% i got same as his prediction.

So My question is why you are all getting jealous of his success and many people like his post don't you see how many views his post gets its not just because of upvotes that he get but its all about his predictions and knowledge and experience whom people are getting benefits ,and what he is famous for.

See more than 950 view after just 10 min of his posting it shows how much people want to see his post because he is getting benifit of it.

This one is just 4 hours old post see the views on the post isn't it enough to show his hardwork,why you are going to discourage his experience please stop blaming him at all thanks

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I don't my haejin at all and while cheating should be ban jealousy should be too...
Till I see proofs of cheating I think haejin is doing a good job. Even though I did predict #BTC to 7500$ 😝 but no one like bragging smartass 😹

Careful buddy, shark infested waters with this one.


I donot care i know he will crush me but i need to be with my brother @haejin

Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler were also bloody popular to their followers. Not at all making any comparisons between Haejin and them but simply pointing out the fact that popularity should never be used as evidence for whether someone is right or wrong, good or bad..... it’s literally the worst possible evidence to base this assessment on

Yes i agree your means.
Haejin is our hero!!!!!

Do views lead to increased payout? Or does increased payout increase visibility, increasing views?

Are you aware of the amount he is receiving from the reward pool?

His content may have value, but are you aware of the amount he is taking from the reward pool?

I'm not saying that his content doesn't have value, but the amount he is taking from the reward pool is absurd.

I just do not know why no one is like haejin even he is a really nice guy i like him a lot thanks to every one

I posted the same kind of post a few weeks ago, nobody attacked my account, maybe they just did not have read it lol :-)
Anyway this flag war has to end, just upvote @haejin and flag @berniesanders, he is just an angry jealous guy that just can't explain why he is bullying, just 'REWARD RAPE', rewards are for those who make posts that are upvoted, that's just how steemit works, if he does not like it, he just has to try to provoke or create a soft fork for steemit or whatever other solution, but he's just flagging , bullying, not only @haejin, but all his followers (so me too ...)


Don't even ask me how I got here Steemits a weird place I was doing some digging on a lead and now Im here haejin is a known abuser of the reward pool that can I just say everyone shares, and people like @berniesanders are only just trying to raise awareness of this issue theres no need use words like "bullying" considering that @haejin is still getting upwards of min $600 plus per post so he's not exactly backed into a corner crying is he. Steemit is a community and its rewards are for

Not for a select few or were no better than the financial institutional thugs that currently scavenge around us the physical world.


we are with him we are not strong but we can fight for the friend ,i know no one read it i have small investment so i invest to make is boost with small sbd i hope many will see it and help in the war


he is just an angry jealous guy that just can't explain why he is bullying,

I can explain in a non-emotional manner if you'd care to listen.