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The price continues to fluctuate at $116.50 support, and the price is under negative pressure formed by the 50 SMA, awaiting confirmation of the rally towards our next negative target at $100.00.
Overall, we continue to hold the bearish trend in the coming sessions unless the $137.24 level is breached and stability above it


I see a H&S Top potential for pattern. Even if the $137 is hit; it'll likely be a bull trap. The primary trend remains down and this has been a simply bear rally. Too dangerous to be thinking the bottom is in. Why? A bottom is not an event but a process....e.g.; no capitulation has occurred yet.

i think in the case of breaking the areas $ 114.75 may target the will be $111.72. While, in the case of a break area $ 118.85 may target the area 124.45


IF it does rise to $124; it'll probably be a bull trap where the resumption of decline will catch everyone by surprise.

During the morning trading began to return again to trade below the trend line.
And the index of (IDX) indicates the return of the downward trend and the trend is still in its beginning.
The SMA 10 and the SMA 20 are neutral as a result of overlapping with the movement of the coded currency.
The MACD indicator with normal settings is still neutral.


The smartest thing is to stay with the trend as it becomes your friend. The problem is emotions get in the way and bring accounts to zero.

Such an informative quick analysis on ETH thanks for this valuable information

Ethereum is the coin to keep an eye on these days.


Deep lower lows are coming, IMHO. I don't think the bottom is in yet. We're looking at a sub $50 potential.


That is very bearish. I guess I'll wait to then to see if you are right.


I made 104% profit since the last $3,122 bottom. Please, I'm only tryin got help so others can make their own decisions.

Very nice analysis as always... It's not looking good for ETH community, but it is very realistic...
Thanks for it!

Will ETH withstand all the crypto pressure it feels now? I mean there are so many projects that are so close on its heels. What's your opinion, guys?

  • professional analiz, thank you

IF the scalabilit is well addressed, ETH should be around. So, let's see how the Constantinople fork goes, it at all.