it looks more like stabilization not on increases, but what do I know there your analyzes are professional and I always learn something from them ... all the best for you

IF the primary trend is still upwards; then suprises almost occur in the direction of the trend.

Intetesting analysis.with all the talk of an incoming recession, you dont think that we are currently in the A of the corrective wave?

Yes, that is on the alternate count candidate list.

Haejin mire usted esto, es uno de nuestros inversores de mas prestigio, fijese en los datos de Alemania

Siga a este señor cuando pueda en youtube, sus cronicas son gratuitas y a diario. Un saludo desde España.

You think it will take approximately 2 years to reach new all-time-high ?

Per my cycles analysis...yes. Wave 5 is also not as vertical as wave 3. It often travels slower and less steeply.

I'm very curious if it will happens.
In every case I'm optimistic about DAX.
I mean he gain in the last over 30 years approximately 8% in a year - so I think it's not the question if he will reach new all-time-high - the only question is when he will reach the new all-time-high.
Thank you for your analysis - I also let you a 100%-upvote to your comment.

Yes, all time new highs can be seen but it only delays the inevitable.

OK, but what is the "inevitable" ?