Question for haejin...

in haejin •  10 months ago

The crypto market has collapsed across the board. Did you advise your followers to move into a pegged asset like bitusd or bitcny? If not, why not?

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TA doesn't really apply to crypto-markets yet. With so much factors that can have huge impacts in this space the future is hard to predict.

Long term is seems a pretty safe assumption that blockchain will grow, which exact coins and when is often result of self-filling prophecy hypes.

collapsed ?, looks like a massive buy signal =)


Buy altcoins or bitcoin?


alts sooo much to choose but ended up going for eth, to spend on kodac coin when it goes live


I go with alts. There's much more potential there than with he good ol' bitcoin.


Great, but was it predicted? If it was, why suddenly deny everyone the benefit of the fountain of market knowledge? It would have been a fantastic opportunity 😂

I can just keep calm and watch tho. Well, i could also advice them to do so.


Remaining calm is pretty good for most situations :)

Be greedy when there is FUD

I am waiting for BTC to drop some more. I think it will test 10k and possibly around 8k. Then buying some Steem with that!! :D