What is the big deal with haejin?

in #haejin4 years ago (edited)

Could somebody please explain me what is the big deal with haejin?

From what I have understood there is an outrage against him because he "earns too much". But who are YOU to decide who should earn how much? The way Steemit is created, the more steempower you have the more you have to say in who gets reward, it has been done this way to promote participation in the community. It may seem unfair but this is how it is done here and an attack on haejin will not change it, you have to rewrite the code (and even change the concept of Steemit).
So to be quite frankly I do not understand this war that have been started, from what I can see, because somebody "earns too much". There were systems in history which supported "equality". It did not end good.

But if I am wrong, please, do explain.


Thank you so much for sharing such useful information among us. You have a great personality i like your way of talking.