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This just the copy of one of my reply on a posts about haejin - berniesanders voting war, I think it's worth posting and will be my first post :-). Here it is :

Haejin's posts are really usefull to people who want to learn to trade and do TA. His posts does not need to be 20000 characters to describe a chart and patterns, we, haejin's follower (or at least I, but it's obvious others too), are always waiting for some update during the day about a coin, and are very interested to know on wich coin haejin spotted some bullish behaviour.

His blogs is really game changing if you want to learn to make TA, and, like he says himself, following his blog and videos can really truncate the learning curve, of course you need to read some book and try on your own on the chart but his vision on the chart and pattern can make you see things you'll never notice before months or years of practice.

Please stop this stupid war of votes, more than 5 000 people came to steemit, some bought some coins/power and explored the platform. Haejin has maybe receuved a huge part of the pool, but he has made steemit grow a lot in 2 or 3 weeks, so I think he deserves some rewards for that.

Now if there is really a problem with how much he receive, I think that is steemit that has to change, maybe by setting limits to the reward/post and the max percentage of the pool a single account can receive. There is some decreasing value for voting for a new post after some time, so why not implement a similar system for rewards, older posts could count less, or maybe after a number of post in less than 24 hours they could be rewarded less than the first or second one ? This can be made because it exists for voting and curating reward (if I've well understand the system, I'm new here : -) )
Everyone will be happy and haejin will continue to posts and bring people to the platform wich is GOOD because people buy steem and make it grow.

Do not forget that if haejin leaves, a lot of his followers will too, that is not the way steemit will grow if everytime someone bring people and take rewards, some users that think they are being stolen push them all out of the platform by bullying them with downvotes. Just my advice, but more people means more contents that means also more people. And more people means more steem sold, so their price going up (that will also bring more people :-) ).


Thanks for supporting @haejin . We need to support him !!!!

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You are 100 percent correct. I and at least 5 others i know joined steemit because of Haejin.