Juice jacking...

in #hacking9 months ago

I will write more about juice jacking in a future post, but it is a new way for hackers to steal your data. What do they do?

When you try to charge your phone or tablet using a USB plug at a public location, hackers might actually "hack" the plug, making it possible to transfer data to and from your device, while you only believe it is charging. While you charge your phone, hackers might install spyware, malware, or they might steal passwords, transfer data, and other stuff on your device.

How can you protect yourself against this? Do not charge your phone on public locations! Using a normal electricity plug will also keep you protected (instead of using a USB plug).

Another thing you can do is to use a USB data blocker, a tool that will hinder data from being transferred while charging.

If you haven't heard of juice jacking before, now you have! Stay safe, especially during the holiday season in which many of us travel a lot!


Great post, shared and upvoted👍🧃

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