Steemit vote Bot like @wang for introduceyourself

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Hello Steemit,

yesterday i was wondering how difficult it actually is, to write a simple vote or post bot for the "introduceyourself" section. (Like @wang is doing it)

With the help of it was actually quite easy. (I had no experience with python before). @xeroc did an amazing job with the library!

For all other user, who want to start programming on steemit:

Full python code for upvote every new post @introduceyourself

import time

from steemapi.steemnoderpc import SteemNodeRPC
from steembase import transactions

currentTime = int(time.time())

user = "yourUsername"
wif = "yourWifKey"
category = "introduceyourself"

rpc = SteemNodeRPC("wss://")
for post in"comment", start=currentTime):
    if post["parent_author"] == '' and post["parent_permlink"] == category:
            expiration = transactions.formatTimeFromNow(60)
            op = transactions.Vote(
                    **{"voter": user,
                       "author": post["author"],
                       "permlink": post["permlink"],
                       "weight": int(10000)}
            ops = [transactions.Operation(op)]
            ref_block_num, ref_block_prefix = transactions.getBlockParams(rpc)
            tx = transactions.Signed_Transaction(
            tx = tx.sign([wif])

            tx = transactions.JsonObj(tx)

            # Broadcast JSON to network
            rpc.broadcast_transaction(tx, api="network_broadcast")

        except Exception:
            print("Oops! Maybe already voted or voted to often")

You can see the second part (the post bot) here:


tell me how to install python-steemlib on windows?

Wang shits me off

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