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RE: Steemit post Bot like @wang for introduceyourself

in #hacking7 years ago

Hello @soupernerd,

you just need to set a start time and check with a "if", if time elapsed is <20


start_time = time.time()
elapsed_time = time.time() - start_time


Hi seagul,

What I was actually wondering is this. Steemit seems to throw an error if you try to comment too fast.

Example of the steem error:

"(now - auth.last_post) > STEEMIT_MIN_REPLY_INTERVAL: You may only comment once every 20 seconds"

Is there a way to check against steemit itself, if your last post was within the last 20 seconds? So instead of just checking against elapsed time generally, checking against whatever it is steemit is checking?

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