Did I just hack the box?

in #hacking3 years ago


I have been doing some messing around today trying to gain some experience and resources in expending my knowledge in the ethical hacking sphere. Having done some research I have discovered that "hack the box" is an excellent resource to assist in my educational journey. There are 2 ways into the website. 1st is by invitation but as I don't know anyone in the pen testing / ethical hacking world this wasn't really an option. 2nd is to hack your way in! There are secret commands / ways in to the site. So I did some digging. I did use some extra articles that are freely available online and set about the task.

By completing the task you generate an invite code of your own. It is all an excellent way to get used to using tools and spotting the signs that you can use get into the the site. There is an API running on the site that allows you to generate a code, but how to request it? Well, I did it by using the developer tools built into firefox! No other tools were required, you can of course use CLI linux but as my kali vm is not currently running (it is but is not in a usable position in my home) I just used what was in front of me.

So now I am off to explore the goodies that the site holds.


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