Q&A session with Dmytro Budorin: community questions. Part 2

in #hacken5 years ago

What is the target price of HKN by the end of Q2?

You know when someone doesn’t want to answer the question and aims to shift the focus, he or she replies in a manner something like, “oh, what a nice question!” Indeed, what a nice question. :) Anyway, there are 2 important things I want to say on this point. First of all, the HKN token is no longer held by whales who invested in the project during ICO. There were groups of investors who held 300,000 or 400,000 HKNs, one investor even kept 800,000 HKNs. Today, they have made their profit, sold their shares, and moved on. We are now quite decentralized. However, during ICO we didn’t receive enough financial support from Asian investors. Now, we get more and more popularity in this market, and new whales, Asian ones, are becoming interested in the project. Secondly, token protocol migration. That will be fun! 

What are your plans on getting traditional companies partnerships?

Yes, we are diversifying our customer base, and are gaining and more clients from the traditional business world. First are Ukrainian companies with a worldwide presence. Lately, we started cooperation with a company from the Middle East, they are not in crypto, but are, in fact, a government organization. Naturally, we don’t solely focus on crypto enterprises.  

Do clients only buy your services or there is any value they give to the Hacken team? 

We are working toward win-win scenarios with some high-profile YouTubers, like Boxmining, for example. They promote us and we protect them against phishing scams. Actually, with all our clients we try to find ways in which we can help each other.

Are there any clients who pay in dollars?

No, we don’t accept any fiat money for our services.

Will Hacken have its own cybersecurity/whitehat course with certification? If yes, how much HKN will it cost?

Cybersecurity courses are on our roadmap. These are going to be updated and released this summer. We already have several experienced tutors who have already developed their own cybersecurity courses. The information will be upgraded, reinforced with Hacken’s knowledge and expertise, and released under our brand name. 

What inspired the creation of Hacken and are those reasons still available in the future?

Cybersecurity is a growing global trend. Members of our team are already well-known in the Ukrainian cybersecurity scene, so we decided to go global, entering the crypto space in full force. You know, the crypto sphere is inspiring and very exciting, so we love what we do!

Could you provide a further detail on airdrop as, for me personally, it’s a good way of doing mass adoption of Hacken token?

Airdrops are definitely on the mind; however, they require huge investments, We will probably share more details on them later. 

It would be a good idea to make a tracker of how far Hacken is before the 1% is reached and the token burn begins.

We are almost there. I suppose that we will announce the first burn this summer.

Quantstamp requires that someone using their service must hold around 25k QSP while only paying 25 QSP. Does Hacken have something like this?

The idea is quite good! I really like it; nevertheless, from our side, we haven’t finalized the immediate HKN token purchase widget. At this time, we can’t offer a simple way to buy HKNs, so such approach won’t be our competitive advantage yet. Nevertheless, congrats to Quantstamp; it’s a really cool feature!

How did the meeting with the Japanese government advisors go? Would an office in Japan be something in the near future as Hacken is building relations with the Japanese community and government officials?

I didn’t visit Japan with Yegor and Jane that time. Though, I know there is a shortage of cybersecurity experts in Japan. They do need a cybersecurity company there. We are starting to build our reputation by working on small projects because Japan is all about trust. One has to move with small steps, but when one proves their own competencies, he or she will acquire the large clients. In short, yes, we are eventually going to open our agency in Japan.

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