Equifax Hacked

in hacked •  last year

So that just happened... Worst case scenario and what I'll do about it.

What did they get? EVERYTHING!

It's a credit bureau and they have it all on me. Driver's license, credit card numbers, DOB, employers, etc.

Go here to see if you made the VIP list https://trustedidpremier.com/eligibility/eligibility.html

If so, you get free 3 bureau monitoring for a year and this is a biggie WITHOUT waiving your rights to sue the crap out of them for having an account:


Yeah they did that.

Cyber-crime blogger Brian Krebs said that an online employee tool used in the country could be accessed by typing "admin" as both a login and password.

What else to do:

  1. Monitor your credit cards daily for suspicious charges
  2. Freeze your credit
  3. File your taxes early

I would write more but apparently I have shit to do know. Thanks Equifax, you suck!

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