!!! How I Survived the Downtime and Why You Should Care!

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Withdrawal Symptoms as Catalyst for Brainstorming Sessions
When was unavailable for days because of a DDoS-attack, I began to realise what an influence this entire ecosystem has on me. I was literally experiencing withdrawal symptoms, which could only be partly relieved by researching and writing a few posts, like this one.

Luckily, the Steem blockchain was never compromised. In fact, it has been running uninterrupted, albeit with very few transactions; only the trading and voting bots that have direct access to the blockchain (and as such, don't need were the sole survivers of this DDoS-attack.

Now What Does This All Mean To You?

A DDoS-attack can K.O. our beloved website, but not the blockchain. Hence, we need a backup-interface to interact with the blockchain. An example would be, but unfortunately this interface is read-only.

Now here's my question to the devs: could you please consider making the entire source of available on GitHub, to allow for backup hosting by the community? I believe this fits nicely in the "decentralized" concept, and it would be a great way to flip the bird to whoever is trying to disrupt this beautiful project with DDoS-attacks.

Input/feedback would be appreciated very much.

Thanks for reading!

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Yes we will.

Fantastic - the applications for this are off the charts Dan. In music (my industry) alone, you have something that could be integrated straight into a Spotify type platform to better recompense artists.

Done @r4fken - though I heard that downvoting appears to actually be bad for your Steem Power. Not sure why though.

Thanks. Never heard that one though. But even so, I couldn't let this go unnoticed :)

They should definitely make the source available, i wonder if there is a reason why they have not done this already. Is seems to be the norm to do so

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