use chrome's Omnibox (interactive address field) as a translator

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The chrome "weburl-box" or called "omnibox" (omnipotent ~= almighty) can be used as a translator as well (without the need to first go to the website).
Unfortunately, at least not on my system, this is not configured by default.

So I had to research a little and found this article on stackoverflow very helpful:
Maybe you want to got there and upvote the author juanchavezlive there ;)

Then you have to basically

  1. add a search engine for the TRANS keyword:
  2. create a keyword (trans or translate or whatever you like: "please translate") and
  3. edit the target url

I defined the target language as "de" for "German" - so it would translate into German by default.
In order to do so you have to know the 2character language code for your desired language and exchange the
second parameter after the|en|%s

(will autodetect the language of the given word and translate it to English (en).
You might even modify it to: en-us or en-au, for US-American English or Australian English etc.

The official and technical naming of the 2 character language code is: ISO 639-1 code

List of ISO 639-1 codes

You can find a list with your target language at wikipedia:

You might also replace the first parameter with your desired language if you are sure that you will always translate from a certain language. Yet since the language auto(-detection) is very good nowadays this is hardly necessary.

I wanted this so many times and finally found it today, so I decided to share it.
I research for private and professional purposes in several languages, so this comes in very handy.

I hope this helps you, too.
Any suggestions yourself?

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