Realm Royale Cheats Crowns Hack

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Realm Royale Cheats Crowns Generator

Realm Royale Cheats gives you a chance to get unlimited amounts of Crowns to your account. With is you have a chance to become the best player in the whole wide world and experience all the game has to offer. It is really amazing because it is a great game and even though it is a new one it still has tons of active players!


Realm Royale Hack is very easy to use. You will just have to visit the site that is linked above and below. When you do that you have a chance to get all the Crowns you need. The instructions are included in it so you should have no problems with getting it! This really makes the game much more amazing and fun to play. There are only few steps that are between you and the absolute maximum amount of fun from playing this amazing mobile game called Realm Royale. Also, if you love the game be sure to support the developers via micro-transactions in game! This gives them a chance to get resources for updating the game and releasing new amazing games in the future.


Realm Royale is another Battle Royale game. But it has its own unique twist on a genre that makes is really fun. It is set in a fantasy world where you have to choose one of the several classes - Hunter, Assassin, Warrior, Mage and Engineer. Each of them have their own unique weapons that you can make in the forge once you gather enough Shards and Throphies. Each of them has their own unique skills such as Assassin's blink, or Mage ability to fly. As of a unique weapons for exmaple the Hunter has its Bow, Assassin has sniper rifle and much more. It is really something special. You get the shards form destroying items that you do not want to cary or if they are meant for other class. Throphies you get from killing your opponents from all over the map. Let me tell you a bit about the gameplay. First you drop from the plane to the map. You choose where you want to land. Then you have to get items and weapons in order to have a chance to survive. Then you have to fight and eliminate your oponents. But also you have to be careful for the mist that constantly shrinks the battlefield and if you stay in it, it will destroy you. The last man standing is the winner. Another unique things that this game has is the mount system. Each of the players have their own horse that can travel faster across the map. Also, with Crowns you can unlock other mounts such as Dinosaurs! It is very cool and I must say that this game is still in the Alpha stage so you have a big chance to become the best player in the world. This game has its own ranking system for solo games, duo games and team games. Your tactics should be different when you play together and when you play solo. For example, when you play solo and decide to drop on the map near the forge in the city, then you will have to fight at least few opponents, but if you drop on less populated area you will have a chance to get the items and then travel to forges to fight and craft the best armor, skills and weapons. Each weapon has its own class - grey is the worst, green is better, purple is better then green and the gold ones are the best. You can get them from forges or special crates that are being dropped on random locations on the map throughout the game. I really love this game and I highly recommend you give it a shot also because it is an amazing game. Good luck and have fun!


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