Habits to achieve peace and happiness?

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Although it may appear that our thoughts and habits, which are dependent on our mental cycles, are more powerful than we are, this is not the case.

Being able to give up habits such as procrastination, giving up easily, meticulousness, anxiety, obsession, running around, not being able to set limits, saying yes when we want to say no, overeating, smoking, inactivity, relationships.

People who are harmful to us, getting rid of anger, rage, and ambition, and feeling confident in oneself are all examples of habits that can be given up. Our intention is to hand it over to the embrace of life.

On the other hand, regardless of how much we wish for it, it is not always so simple to muster the willpower and get rid of the physical energy that is associated with the habit. It is possible that we have a hard time breaking certain behaviours because we believe that they are an integral part of our personality.


In the event that we have constructed our life around the idea of making other people happy, for instance, we may believe that if we suddenly alter our minds and stop sacrificing ourselves in order to make other people happy, we will lose something that is essential to our identity.

In spite of the fact that this behaviour is harmful to us, we continue to engage in it and continue to practise it because we are afraid that if we do not make sacrifices for the happiness of others, our relatives will not continue to love us, they will not accept us with our new behaviour, or they will even abandon us, leaving us to fend for ourselves.

Our mind is playing a trick on us in order to maintain the habit, and this is the trick. The subconscious is a very crowded cosmos that is full with exciting thoughts and fantasies that are warped in some way.

As the name says, the majority of the time we are not aware of the universe that exists within our subconscious thoughts, which is the reason why we are unable to exert control over our subconscious from our conscious world.

Fears such as not being loved, being excluded, death, or being alone are frequently the reasons why we cling to behaviours that we do not desire. This is because we are unwilling to let go of these habits.

But if we knew that giving up and letting go of the behaviours that are harmful to us would not cause us any harm, but rather would cause us to experience a leap in awareness, and it would allow us to move on to the next stage of our evolution and come into contact with the magical side of life, then we would not even consider holding on to them for a single second...

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