What Are Some Daily Habits That I Can Do to Improve My Memory? Answering your Questions

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A great way to keep your brain (and your memory) in good working condition is to challenge it with new problems regularly.

I like to have a puzzle type game on my phone that I will play every once in a while. (Usually while watching a movie with my wife)

The key is to change to a new puzzle game once you start getting good. Some people will play sudoku every day, some people like crossword puzzles. But the problem is, once you’ve done it so many times, it doesn’t engage your whole brain any more and it becomes less effective.

So switch it up! Play a game or do a puzzle that makes you think. Play it for a few weeks or months depending on how often you play until you have figured the strategy out. Then move on to a new puzzle game.

Here are some of the games that I have played in the past:

Spider Solitare (Spider Solitaire - Apps on Google Play)


Kokoro (Kakuro.com, the home of Kakuro (cross sums) on the internet)

Shikaku (Shikaku - online puzzle game)

Ripple Effect (Ripple Effect (puzzle) - Wikipedia)

Yajilin (Yajilin - Wikipedia)

LITS (LITS - Wikipedia)

2048 (2048 - Apps on Google Play)

Griddlers (Griddlers Plus - Apps on Google Play)

Brick Breaker (Balls Bricks Breaker - Apps on Google Play, Bricks Breaker Puzzle - Apps on Google Play)

Scale (Scale - Apps on Google Play)

Tetris Style Game (Puzzle Game - Apps on Google Play)

Trigon (Trigon : Triangle Block Puzzle Game - Apps on Google Play)

And Finally… My current game Paper.io (Paper.io - Apps on Google Play)

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Why do you prefer to play games rather than to solve real life problems ?


Good question. I actually much prefer solving real life problems. Especially if it involves making spreadsheets! :) That's a good point that I didn't think about. If you look at your life as a puzzle that you need to solve, that would be even better for your mental health as well as making your life better.

Drink two smoothies a day for two weeks and see the difference. Hell, you'll also lose weight if needed......... win, win.


Great point. Eating healthy is the best medicine!


It sure is! It's the only medicine as all other is just fixing a symptom and not the root cause. The body will fix itself if given the right fuel.

Exercise fortifies the arrival of synthetic substances in the cerebrum that can help enhance memory through the development of fresh recruits vessels alongside protection of neMake beyond any doubt you routinely get seven-to-eight long stretches of rest. Data is solidified in the mind at a more profound level of comprehension amid sleep.w cerebrum cells.