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Every person has urge to develop some good habits in our life . There would be no surprise in saying that ' Habits are  the skeletal system of our day' , the output of our day solely depends on our habits .

But you know what 100% of people take resolutions for imparting good habits ,  but only 8% could accomplish them perfectly  .

                                                      WHY ???? 

 It's simply because we over expect the things . We focus our one eye on work and the other on  result . 

 we get influenced by movies and  feel that we would become super successful in few days , just like the heroes of particular movies .Miracles happen only in movies , it's rare to see in real life . Nothing can be achieved without patience and hard work .

The same thing happened to me , one night I watched an interview of BILL GATES  . I got super excited in inculcating  the habit of reading  books . The next few days I woke up early and started reading some great books  but resistance grew up sooner and my bed called me more than the books .

I'll bet you that many a times you might have experienced same kind of situation .

Here are some of the tips I learnt from the book named  "MINI HABITS " written by Stephen Guise which helped me a lot . Check out the book for more info :) 


Start your habit in a stupid small manner . For instance if you are intended to impart  habit of reading books , then start your habit thinking that you would read a single line on first day . I'll bet you that you would at least read a paragraph without feeling bored .

Once you had accomplished the task of reading a single line on first day , you would feel positiveness in your mind because you read more than what you've thought . Confident rises in you . 

Continue being small until you feel comfortable to read big chapters a day .



We all do know that the first law of motion states that ' Every body has a tendency to stay at rest or in continuous motion until and unless an external force is applied' , once we make a mini habit we are breaking the inertia to stay dumb.



Sometimes our days would be so hectic that we could not get enough time to perform our habit . Let's assume that you have a habit of doing meditation for 30 minutes on a daily basis , but on a tightly scheduled day you couldn't get 30 minutes . If you perform mini meditation for a 30 sec then you feel that you  haven't broke your habit . Continuation of habit is important since it promotes us to do it on next day. 

A teenager got addicted to his phone in such a way that he uses it for more than 10 hours a day . He firmly decided to change his bad habit . He didn't touch his phone for one complete  day . Immediately the next day he couldn't resist his hands and thought that it's impossible for him to get away from his phone . As a result he used his phone extensively and ruined his health . He could have gained a lot of confidence if he made a mini habit of getting way from his phone . He could have made a habit of decreasing usage for  every hour in a day or two and then the results would have been astonishing .Mini habits always  steers us with us a lot of confidence .


Start a fresh habit in mini way  and savor the outstanding results :P , thank me later  ;)

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amazing article . just loved reading it. keep writing such amazing stuff.


I'm glad you liked it :)

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Really I haven't noticed that I had a bad habit of using space before punctuation. Thanks for making me aware.