At the gym

in gym •  3 months ago


Here's one photo I took at the gym today morning. As a proof that I really go there! :-o

Me and my PT @omsoc

Maybe I should post some workouts while I'm at it, but I'm just too shy.


It was my leg day. We were doing power training, short sets with bigger weights. I was quite worn out when I got out! Thanks @omsoc!

I'm off now. Later guys!

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I think you have found a nice partner and he got nice body shape as well! Anyway personally I hate Leg Day!
By the way it's a nice selfie!


Its good to see yoe that you are going to gym with proof.

Hi gamer. We believe you lol.

Nice to see you in gym. It is a good habbit .

Nice pic dear Jaro.
You and your trainer is very fit .

How good it is to see his publications again, he was very far from steemit.
Well, I never doubted that I went to the gym to exercise, Greetings to the friend @omsoc

Nice selfie in the gym. Enjoy exercise .

Que bueno volverte a tener por aqui y con renovadas fuerza para sacar fuerza del ejercicio.

Good to have you here again and with renewed strength to draw strength from the exercise. @gamer00

Hey! You are really doing well at the gym! I am very impressed!! You did have a lot of staying power! This has inspired me to get my act together for regular exercises.

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Waooo nice muscles.Great jym.Now a days jym is more important for our good body or health.