Steem Fantasy Premier League - Gameweek 26 Overview and Match Prediction Results!

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Manchester United slashed the points split to 13 points with English Premier League standings Manchester City, who drew 1-1 at Burnley in the 26th week.

Manchester City remain top of the standings with 69 points, 13 points adrift of Manchester United who beat Huddersfield 2-0 with Romelu Lukaku and Alexis Sanchez goals, with 12 Premier League matches remaining until the end of the season.

Liverpool, who sit in third (51 points), failed to keep the difference from Chelsea (50), having earned just one point in a 2-2 draw from team Tottenham (49) at Anfield.

The English Premier League this week is colored by a "new face" of successful Arsenal beating Everton 5-1 by Pierre Emerick Aubameyang's debut goal and three assists from Henrikh Mkhitaryan.

Mkhitaryan and Aubameyang's glorious performances in Dortmund will be tested when Arsenal meet Tottenham Hotspur in the Premier League next week.

In the top five standings Steemit Fantasy Premier League week-26, no major changes in the standings. Mohammad32, Los JOKERS, Metalheadz, Princess and Arfa Steem FC are still competing tightly, the points are not much different.

While the team with the highest points, this time achieved by FirstFantasy (70 pts). As an Arsenal fan, he was very lucky with Arsenal's win this week. Because in the squad, the three players he has are Arsenal players, Mkhitaryan (13), Aubameyang (6), and Monreal (1). Even so, Hazard who captained the team, also gave 16 points.

The League Standings

Match Prediction Results

Sharing second place with 6/10 correct predictions, congratulations to @shuta, @generation, @dolov, @abh12345, @james-09aka, @v-art-simpson and @grildrig!

First place and only winner, congratulations to @whitewarlike!

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In a fantasy perspective, my team performed poorly as an Aguero captain blank affected the whole team's output.
On the positive side I love the fact that teams around us (manchester united) all dropped point and the race for top four finishing is getting tougher. Arsenal might leapfrog Chelsea if both teams form to continue the way they are currentlly.


I captained aguero too. I hope to still leave him the badge for this game week, even though they face a leicester side whose form is still undecided.

I had salah in my team, so his points made up for the laclustre performance from captain aguero. My defense took the major hits, with stones benched and jones also watching from the bench.

It was a bad day at the office, though at present am top of my mini league. I am thinking of bringing mikhitaryan to my team, he looks like a very good prospect


I'm glad i didnt give into the Mikhitaryan hype...went with Aguero captain in the last minutes before deadline and it was beautiful watching him smatch 4 in. 96 points in the bag.

Im new to living in Manchester so I am taking the opportunity to learn all about Manchester United culture while Im here! So - go Manchester United and congrats to the winners ;p


lol - i dont know enough about topic or teams to even comprehend whats going on here. but hey, at least im one of few americans trying to make an effort! ;p

sulks back to the tv playing american football


thats kinda rude, dear; but funny all the same


nothing rude or crude about it - just trying to learn the ropes! remember, everyone was a beginner once upon a time :)


mancity is present , manutd is past .


good to know - i had heard both but didnt understand the significance. thanks for pointing it out!

I've only played Fifa a few times with friends but that stupid announcer's voice shouting HAZZZAAAARD as he somehow hits bounces off the post into the goal by a pixel is seared into my brain.

good week
I love aubamyang and shanchez

Thank you @acidyo for sharing the result

@ acidyo..Upvot and resteem..nice to see your post

interesting information

greate news.thanks for sharing

Nice boss

@ acidyo..Upvot and resteem..

Wow. Congratulations to the winners. I wish I won too. Hoping for a better result for me and for Liverpool FC next time.

Great post @acidyo
thank you for your information

@ acidyo..Upvot and resteem..

@ acidyo..Upvot and resteem..

foot ball is great sport
thanks for sharing

Wow, Man United is my team!! Their performance was great acidyo, we remain on top always.. Also I will like to predict ur next match prediction.. Following closely ☺

The last two GW my team was terrible and this one I did not choose the captain well, I have to make big changes but I do not want to lose points for extra transfers. hope the players raise the level and give me many points again.

Watford and Burnley really did wonders this gameweek!

@ acidyo..Upvot and resteem

nice to see your post

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premier league is really hard..Tottenham is very good at the Champions League, but in the league 5th shows how difficult it is in this league..
M.City is as wonderful as ever..kevin de bruyne is having a great season
m.united alexis did great job taking sancez..
arsenal, very nice staff..
it will be an enjoyable league. but favorim @acidyo

Thank you for sharing result,, iam one of the premier league fans, and I'm a big fan of manchester city ,, if its a player i idolize kevin de bruyne
I did not miss watching premier league


very nice post for football lover as like me.

The final match between Liverpool and Tottenham showed that the English Premier League has been set up and the winner in the league is well-known. Manchester City is already a winner and everyone else will fight for the Champions League. I will put my mone on teams that play 3 for 3

whatever happens I'm still supporting manchester city,,
a superb team cohesiveness, keep going forward continue to manchester city.
thanks @acidyo


congrats to the winners.

I am a huge fan of football
But i am on the dark side of it
I am currently preparing for medical i am totally cut from football.
But after seeing this post .the football spirit just resurrected in me.
Thx @acidyo.
Just upvoted u bro

Mangat memang ulasan tulisan @acidyo, rupajih awak Finlandia, toe tempat tinggai Wali Nanggroe Hasan Tiro di Sweden



I continue to not do well at the real fantasy football! I think it may be time to stick to the fake fantasy football that those Americans play! The match predictions with the draws make it infinitely more difficult, but all the more intriguing! Thanks for running this contest!

I love how you incorporated Steem here. So great!

YaaY! 2nd is not bad afterall ....
Looking foward to gw27 predictions!


@acidyowow great article

I'm just learning about this, and I am intrigued... I don't know much about fantasy leagues but it sounds interesting. Good luck Manchester!


Cheers man! I can't believe we are in February already!

Im new to living in Manchester so I am taking the opportunity to learn all about Manchester United culture while Im here! So - go Manchester United and congrats to the winners ;

@Acidyo, i got a solution to significantly speed up your meme-curation. Drop me a message on discord.

Premier League is very tight, very unfortunate there are teams like Tottenham, Arsenal, Chelsea, and Liverpool not playing in the Champion League
To seize the position of the three and four very difficult, which I think the first and second positions taken by the city of Manchester.

That was a HUGE week for Manchester United! I am SOOOO happy about that! 13 more points to go! We can do this! RED DEVIL!!


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Hi @acidyo, is it too late to join? Love the league table standing and who ever had Aguero over the weekend would have smashed it!!