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5 Bullshit Lies About Guns

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Contrary to What The TV is Telling You, There Are Fewer School Shooting Now Vs. the 1990s

Now that I have several children, I’m often in the company of other parents who talk about the way things “used to be.” When the issue of child safety comes up, I hear parents sadly shake their heads and say things like “it’s not like it was when we were kids…the world is so much more dangerous now.”

Usually, the sentiment behind this idea is that there are more murders now than there used to be.

Now, I’m not exactly known for being a Pollyanna, but I am willing to admit when things are not, in fact, getting worse.

And when it comes to things like homicides, there is no evidence that things are getting worse. It is indeed true that things aren’t like they were “when we were kids,” but that’s a good thing. There were far more homicides in the United States during the 1980s and 1990s than there are today. Things were even worse than that during the 1970s. In fact, the homicide rate in the US was cut in half between 1991 and 2014. And while the homicide rate has inched up over the past two years, it is nowhere near where it was “when we were kids.”

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Video By: The Free Thought Project

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My thoughts on guns... don't own one yet, but need to get one ASAP. Maybe with a NRA membership just to piss off some lefties.

Two thoughts on the subject:

  • how many lives and aggression prevented by the presence of armed and unarmed citizens ?
  • the police come only after the aggression, so do not rely on it to protect us by avoiding aggression or by making it risky for the aggressor, so that protects us. ask the children of sarah alimi for example, my answer is nobody, we are alone when we are disarmed in the face of assaults of any kind.

CDC estimates between 500,000 and 2,000,000 instances per year of someone using or brandishing a firearm in self defense/or to prevent violent crime


Right.. These statistics will put some perspective on where the underlying danger in America is.


Brain washing.jpg

If you're going to kill someone, the method to which you achieve this means is irrelevant, your mind is already set on murder.

It is a problem of education.

Can't agree more, statistics will always be used to fit the agenda.

schools are now quite dangerous, school advantages there is a lack there.


As long as the government runs the schools, kids will not be safe Or educated

I like the end when they reiterate that America was beat by Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan due to citizens being armed. It's true. You cannot stop Gorilla warfare.

I have a feeling that wen the data from 2017 and 2018 comes in we will see a return to the previous trend of greatly declining gun homicides, but of course they don't want to talk about that in the media.

Luar biasa, terimakasih atas postnya

Guns don't kill people, governments do. Great video, Thanks for sharing @TFTProject

I would love to see where you are getting your data. I cannot find it. What I read says that both her number of school shootings and the number of mass murders in the US has gone up in since the 1990s. There was a small respite when Bill Clinton got the assault weapon ban passed but other than that it has increased. Yes homicides with guns is down but not mass shootings. Here is a list of the school shootings in the US by decade. Thanks. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_school_shootings_in_the_United_States.

Fact is that the US have a freaking problem. When some 20,000 die by guns each year, murder, self inflicted and accidents, then you have a problem.
It happens no where else in the world.

Other countries have banned guns after shootings. Australia introduced strict gun laws after the shootings in 1996 and 2001, and UK did it after the horrible school shooting in Dunblane in 1996. Look at those countries and see what has happened to gun related deaths!

Fact is that it is too easy for people to buy guns here in the US, and way too many should not have them. There are responsible folks out there, who can own guns, but when the US can’t take care of people who needs help, and allow them to buy guns, you are going to have a problem on your hands.

It doesn’t really matter how many gun deaths you have, or if it is in decline. The only fact that matters is that you keep having homicides by guns and the government refuses to do jack-all about it. It is fucked up in so many ways.
But I guess it is more important to focus on trying to illegalize abortion, prevent gay marriages and generally push a fucked up conservative agenda.


Most gun deaths are by suicide. There are higher gun murder rates in other countries per capita.

I agree that there should be background checks and what not before people purchase firearms, but there already are..
There are hundreds of millions of guns in the United States. Pandora's box has already been opened at this point. Taking away guns is not realistic, and doing so will leave them in the hands of people who disregard the law, aka the perpetrators of mass shootings and gang violence (which constitutes a big portion of gun-deaths).




Those countries have less 'gun' specific violence, but because people cannot defend themselves, they have more overall violent crime.


Fact is , if the Jews had a right to guns, the German Nazi regime would have thought twice about knocking in doors and removing the unwanted to seal their fate in the ovens. Wake the fuck up.

Even though I'm very left leaning, I have to admit that apparently a gun-ban is not as effective as I would have hoped.

Murders have gone down because there are over 2 million prisoners in the USA, a good number of them murderers, who would probably have those murder numbers sky high if they were out in the streets.

I use to shoot at School twice a week and the School provided the Gun and Ammo. I was on the Small Bore Rifle Team. Every Wednesday we would practice in the Cafeteria and on Saturday's we had Shooting Matches in the Cafeteria. We used training versions of the 1903 Springfield's. Which was an Assault Rifle in WW I.
This is the Rifle we used. We had an Armory in the Jr. High. We never even thought of shooting anyone. During my lifetime I have seen a Mental Shift in this country. That is scary.

This is the way I use to play as a kid, see the kids at the 1:00 mark, me and my friends used to play like that. If kids tried to do what I did as a kid, they would be shot by SWAT.

Youtube even puts a warning on this video of TV Commercials from the 60's. The World is whacked out.
This is the way we played,

Gus were everywhere. I bought my first Gun over the counter at K-Mart at 16. When I was 16, all my friends had guns. Me and my friends would load up the car and go shooting for the weekend, just us, at 16. It just blows my mind what we have turned into.

Great article. It’s so true. The media has completely exaggerated the issue. Thanks for bringing clarity to the issue. I wrote a similar article today about how there is no logic in the mainstream gun debate. I would love to hear your thoughts.