The Second Amendment Is, Itself, Common Sense Gun Reform

in #guns3 years ago

Our founders were wise to include it. It has probably saved millions of innocent lives. Hell, possibly even the world at large since an armed population makes it far easier to find good soldiers.

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My 2 cents is that our constitution in America was written from the perspective of protecting people from the government. Unlike other countries, we tried to write ours from the ground up and with the mindset that we are born with the right to hunt and defend our family from any threat for instance. The governments real role is to stop those who wish to take away what our creator made us to do. When things are flipped it gets bad quick for us who are just trying to mind our own business and take care of our kids..

probably saved the world is not an understatement, probably several times over, feels like Europe is going to want us to bail them out again soon but I am not sure how we would go about it.