UN Prepping for US Gun-grab?

in #guns4 years ago

Look this job listing over carefully people. This is a foreign agency moving in militarily to disarm US citizens by force. Regardless of your opinions on the subject it is undesirable to have a foreign military force on US soil. How far this goes remains to be seen. My hope is that it stops here at the threat and comes to nothing. Signing up for this job is definitively treason against the citizens and the constitution of the United States.


The UN claimed that although the job posting, which appeared in December is hiring for the position in New York, the role would be strictly overseas. But the timing is just right to coincide with a flurry of new gun restrictions happening across the country.

While the new red flag gun laws would appear to make sense on the surface, they are wholly insidious upon closer inspection. In the name of keeping guns out of the hands of the mentally unstable and dangerous, these laws allow any court to declare a person a danger, without going through any of the proper channels. Under these laws, any law abiding citizen can be targeted with no recourse for illegal and potentially life-threatening search and seizures, not to mention leaving them without any means of defending themselves from actual criminal situations. Remember, the courts have stated that it is NOT the job of law enforcement to protect citizens from crime.


Maybe it’s time we start looking at our own enlisting...
By the time Trump leaves office, depending on who gets elected afterwards will play a significant role as to which direction this country will go

Very interesting. This could also be the work of a lobby from the NRA or major gun companies to scare up business. It's not like we haven't seen that happen before. I plan on holding onto my guns one way or the other. I am just saying... Lobbies have too much power. They ruin the system.

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