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I want to heal you want to fight, sometimes the healing process is painful. But, just because I'm a healer type doesn't mean I wont give you the fight you are looking for.
OK, from what I've read on you (yes I took time to read on you) you and I actually are on the same side of America's argument divide.
If, you would have had the same sense of respect (maturity)you would have done the same before you responded to me with the open line of "Fuck you"
Which made me a little mad, (as you intended) but like a true hypocrite. you get mad at me for getting mad at your "direct insult TO ME." Right after you said:

" That is why you have every right to get mad and you should actually feel validated as a normal human being when you do, as it's perfectly normal to not put up with intolerance or such, freedom of speech doesn't come with freedom of consequences of your speech. "


I never attacked YOU specifically YOU took it personal and jumped on me specifically - YOU took it personal!! I wonder what Freud would say at that?

See, when I was saying the things I said about society today the fact is it's true, you are just to angry and not man enough to deal with the fact.
I do agree with you on MANY of your arguments BUT I'm not going to become Captain Crybaby about things and rally the forces that bear arms to shoot people that insult me. As YOU have done in some of your responses/posts examples.

YOU are LOOKING for a fight.... America HAS changed and it DOES need improvement. Past generations HAVE made mistakes but the truest answer is still the same. It starts with the man in the mirror. You, seem to be more interested in "dealing justice" and though it is needed, my gut screams that you are the biggest troublemaker in your life. Usually that the answer for each of us.

Though I DO agree with you on Constitution, gun rights, how America has gone wrong etc... I draw the line at being a knee-jerk asshole that thinks it's the right to bear arms so we can shoot people for insulting us on the streets to keep the crime down. Perhaps it would.

But I still stand on my original stance of if you are too big of a pussy to not take an insult like a man then the last thing you need is a fire arm in your possession! And that is a statement from a STRICT Constitutionist and a 2nd Amendment supporter!! I read your response initially and thought perhaps you were a "professional victim"(ANTIFA/SJW asshole) thought I'd say something in volley of your initial "Fuck you"-I want to argue with you attitude,
And threw out my Insult back at you on purpose to see you get mad so I could throw your own words back at you (because you are a hypocrite) But the more I read of your other post replies you just seem to be a "professional arguer/justice deliverer" You WANT the fight. You want to correct the bad guy. Usually that person can be found in the mirror... AS I HAVE SAID. But you would rather blame other people. Yes they may be at fault for not being perfect and screwing up guess what, you are NO better. We ALL should be focusing more on ourselves and less on others. THAT is the best medicine for this country. Doing that first will make you more ready to handle bigger tasks.

But,You are just a busy little beaver type responding to soo much stuff. You seem to be looking for an argument and that name "Bah FucYou" immature, as I have said! Sometimes it's called for but you lead with it. Though we are on the same side of the American divide argument I was right as it gets... You are an argument seeking immature brat that wants a fight. The last thing YOU need is a gun,What you need is self reflection on you getting that California redwood out of your own eye. That would be a way better investment of time and effort. That way you could be more worthy of carrying a gun.

So, like I said, no matter who's made mistakes in our culture and there ARE plenty to go around "I AGREE". The best place YOU can start is with YOU!! If people were more interested in that, that would surely be an even better pursuit! Because no matter who's done what It's always us that determines "how we respond" I know that personally. I'm in process of correcting that one for me. I've made many HUGE mistakes and I am telling you, YOU may not be responsible for what has already been done by others but you ARE responsible for your own screw ups and I assure you, You have got a shit-ton to correct I can smell it all over you. That, Bah FucYou (I'd start with that name) is where we all need to start -YOURSELF/OURSELVES

and,..your comment.
"The kids you're blaming are the products of their parent's choices and disadvantaged by default in critical areas such as both innocence and health by what has been happening for a long time. "

Do you want some cheese with that whine?! I'm not blaming/insulting "children" I'm talking about young adults 18+ and sorry to rain on your blame it on mommy and daddy fest but, by then YOU are choosing YOUR-OWN reactions in life.

So, NO! YOU as an adult choose who you are who you become! Which is why plenty of examples of people in same circumstances become totally different. They each choose differently. Stop blaming it on mommy and daddy and mean ole government. Though on that one I vomit a little as I happen to agree with you that a serious overhaul is needed. But, NOT by immature little boys looking for a fight with anyone that hurts their feelings.

Regardless of other peoples wrongs because we each die with ONLY OUR OWN list on our shoulders. Trust me my personal story sucks ass but I'm not using it to be a whiner. I'd rather just tell people what I've learned to be the more better answer, the one with honor the one to help you meet GOD with more honor, not a bigger bad people that I punished list.

Possessing a bad-ass firearm to help free America if the government became North Korea is one thing, but toting one to put someone in their place that insulted me IS just immature and pussified as-I-said. So I rest my case.

You are not worthy of arguing with me. You lost as soon as you responded to me with "Fuck you" as your first words when I had never spoken to you "directly". And that name... (Bah FucYou/Taser-Face).... that's really where you lost.

And another thing I did actually catch that double tag grandpa insult line.

However, if your pic is accurate and recent, the joke is on you,Taser-face.

I'm more fit, better looking, got lots more muscle (and probably stamina too) I bet I'm better in the fighting ring as well, and a car well, lets just say it's hot!
Grandpa yes, I am that too but, out classed by you? That's funny....

Stop looking for fights! Im done with you boy, get off my lawn.....

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