Target fun with a 22

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I bought my 21 yo son a new .22 pistol for Xmas this year. Now he can compete with his older brother that got one for his birthday. He decided on a Ruger Mark IV (no pics of that one yet). That got me motivated to get out and practice a bit with my own. I haven't shot this pistol in a few years, almost forgot how fun it was to plink with a .22 as I am usually shooting larger calibers.

It took a few shots to warm up, but then started doing pretty well. I will be visiting them next month and I'm sure we will have a day at the range. I think they had better practice up too! This is 30 shots at 10 yards.

This is my Browning Buckmark Sillouette (10 inch barrel) model in .22 caliber rimfire. They only made this model for a few years. At one point this model won several olympic matches.

It has a very nice trigger, it is currently set to 2 lbs. 3oz (.992 kg). That's a little light for some folks, but I like it light on a target pistol such as this. For carry or hunting guns maybe a little more firm at around 3lbs or so.


I think he is going to the range today as well. I'm looking forward to seeing their targets and shooting in person with them next month!



Nice group.

I have mates that run very light triggers. I've always preferred 2-3 lbs on my guns...I like some feel and hair triggered are da gerous in the field I think. Maybe ok for the range but even then, I'm not keen on anything lighter than 2lbs.

Nice shooter you have there.

How's that sonic brass cleaner of yours going?

Agreed, especially if wearing gloves, it's difficult to go lower without unintended discharge. I like to feel the trigger before it goes off and know when I'm pulling it. Yes the sonic brass cleaner doing well. I love the job it did on my filthy AR parts! I am still thinking of getting the other rotary you mentioned to get the brass shiny though. The sonic did a great job cleaning even the primer pockets with 2-3 cycles, but definitely not near as shiny as the other media tumblers.

Good to hear the sonic is doing the job. I like the job I get from the Rebel 17 stainless cleaner and Lemishine solution but as long as the job gets done right?

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