Arkansas House Bill 1694 will eliminate most gun free-zones.

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WOW I just found this today. Arkansas has not one but TWO amazingly awesome gun bills that have been filed and need to pass!


Support Arkansas House Bill 1013. Make Arkansas go Constitutional Carry without any of the confusion.

Can you imagine just how much more awesome Arkansas is going to be if these two bills pass!? Can you imagine just how pissed off all these little Tide Pod eating snowflakes are going to be if these bills pass? AH HA HA HA!!!

So if you still slave for Corporate Fascist New World Order Neo Nazi America, and you live in the land mass known as Arkansas. Then support both of these two bills today!!!

Being a sovereign activist I don't agree with this whole age 21 bullshit either. Free men can put a gun in their pocket at no matter WHAT age!!! Seriously! My little rainbow will have an AR-15 ready for him when he turns 12.

Welcome to the NEW West!!!

Stay Un-Tune-Ed

Join the TRUTH Party, The Radical Underground Tyrant Haters Party!!!
Comedy through activism, activism through comedy.
Keep your democracy off of my Sovereignty!

Welcome to the NEW West!!!
Rainbow Man meme6.jpg

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Not bad. It is a little strange they updated the language to restrict ownership from 18 TO 21. But still a win in my book and for the Arkansas people.

But will it be a rainbow painted AR-15.. 🤔


I've thought about doing that but painting a gun is quite expensive. Especially if you want it done right. I'll need to accumulate a lot more steem to be able to afford that. Who knows, maybe by the time my son turns 12 I will have enough saved to be able to afford it HA HA. We will see.


STEEM should go up by then..