"We don't care if you die!"

15 days ago
60 in guns

Seriously. They don't.
And this is how they let you know for certain:


They will never be honest enough to post this truthful version instead:


Anti-gun bigots aren't honest. They are dangerous and delusional.

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  ·  13 days ago

It's not that they don't care. They do care, they WANT you to die. That is VERY different from not caring, they definitely want you to die, so they certainly care about whether you do or not. Apathy v. Caring

  ·  13 days ago

I don't think the local mall, Walmart, convenience store, etc. actually want me to die- it would cost them money. I think ignorance explains a lot. They haven't thought their policy through and don't want to think about what it really means. It's not that they want you to die, but if you must die on the alter of their feelings/policy, so be it. They would rather you die than violate their policy and scare them or their more cowardly customers.

My daughter now calls "no guns" signs "We don't care if you die signs".