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Recently on Quora, someone asked a dishonest question about whether countries with stronger "gun control laws" had "less shootings".

I pointed out that the question isn't an honest one because an attack on the innocent is wrong, regardless of which tool was used.

Someone replied, accusing me of building a straw man for pointing out the flaw in the original question.

He said I needed to just answer the question as asked, rather than changing the question.

I pointed out that this is like asking him if he has stopped beating his wife yet, and refusing to consider any answer other than a "yes" or a "no". If he points out that he doesn't beat his wife, and never has, is that a "straw man"?

But this is how anti-gun bigots operate. It's how they've fooled people into debating how much slavery is acceptable, rather than rejecting it altogether. It's how they've made up ideas such as "reasonable restrictions", "common sense gun laws", and all the other lies they promote. They aren't honest, and they can only "win" if you agree to play by the rules they set (and change when it suits them). I won't.


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yes sir i agree with you at the end of the day innocents are suffering,this is really inappropriate question in quora.

These are really such dishonest questions,thanks a lot sir for explaining in detail.

Awesome blog post sir,following you.

@dullhawk you have clear and distinct ideas really gun will always create violence. It is same to an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind!!

Yeah, sometimes yes/no questions are dishonest and the answer can't be "yes" or "no" but many people will not see it this way.

Addressing a flawed premise in an argument is a far more direct and substantive response, but it irritates the one who asks the question because it reveals the weakness in his own position. If only they could recognize that their own fallacious responses to sound arguments supported by evidence and reason were equally irritating to us.


That would require self-reflection and thinking.

I am agree with you @dullhawk...carry on&thanks for blog...

Awesome blog post sir always you makes me to learn a lot.

Awesome post sir. I love your blog.