Really bad ideas: Trying to rob a conceal carry class

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There are some really stupid criminals out there and sometimes these things end up in the Darwin Awards. I can think of a lot of bad plans as far as crime is concerned but this particular one takes the cake in recent times anyway.

In Las Vegas someone thought it would be a good idea to try to rob a group of individuals who are definitely armed and also are already aware of their rights as far as when they can legally use lethal force.


The criminal's intention was to simply walk into a conceal carry class and steal an unattended pistol, which if you know anything about firearm safety, a firearm should never be unattended, this would likely result in you failing the course if you did so. The guy was immediately noticed and was escorted from the building while the police were called as is the protocol in such situations.

When he got outside, the police were already there and just like you would expect from an idiot criminal, he ignored police officer instructions to stand next to the police car, presumably to be cuffed and arrested. It is important to keep in mind that at this particular point in time the man was only potentially guilty of attempted robbery and unless he had some prior convictions, probably wouldn't even do jail time for this offense... I do not know about his history, but I suspect it isn't a squeaky-clean one because when he tried to flee the scene he was apprehended by force and then produced a screwdriver from his pocket and stabbed one of the officers with it.

My apologies for the poor image quality but this is zoomed in CCTV footage

If you know anything about gun laws, you realize that at this point anyone with a permit and in some states people without one, are now allowed to use lethal force to stop the situation..... and that is exactly what the other police officer, the conceal carry instructor, and 3 students proceeded to do when they shot the guy 14 times.

Here is the police statement and the CCTV footage of the situation

Now I am not going to celebrate the death of anyone but this guy did this to himself. This situation also exhibits why it is that I am pro gun-ownership and very much in favor of a population being able to defend themselves. They might have overdone it a bit by shooting him 14 times but to be fair there was 4 of them.

Obviously the criminal died but this is his own fault. The amount of restraint exhibited by everyone involved other than the criminal in question was outstanding but there is one very big rule in responsible gun ownership: You NEVER brandish your weapon unless you are prepared to destroy whatever it is that you are pointing it at.... and this is exactly what happened.

The shooters will not face any charges and that is the way that it should be. This guy had a lot of opportunities to not get himself killed but he chose the stupid way out. As they say: "fuck around and find out."

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