why you cant gunbot with binance

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Binance exchange has an issue with not filling your entire order and leaving you with dust balance which often look like this:

These of course are ammounts you cant sell and get stuck with.

Gunbot devs, which recently added binance as an option and updated their version to 8.xx still cant handle that and is always trying to sell that dust balance before buying anything new.

The only way to fix this is to manually buy more from the coin you have dust and then sell the exact amount. but it will reoccur again eventually.

This is most unfortunate as I paid good money to use Gunbot on binance. Gunbot devs should add an option to handle dust balance. altough someone on the gunthy forum has posted a possible solutiuon for the problem here:
https://gunthy.org/forum/index.php?topic=2528.0 he posted it on 29 dec 2017 and untill now I dont see gunbot devs doing anything about it which is very disappointing..

If any one has overcome this, please post on the comments

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Looks like Binance is challenging the trading bots. Do not worry, eventually the bots will prevail.

Dose this bot working good for you in other places? did you try it in Bittrex?

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@oren730, thanks for sharing.

Well, this is my first time of hearing about gunbot, would like to know more, do you by chance have a blog where i can get to know more?
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check my old posts

I may have found a fix here;
For me, I had to add a second API key and up she came.

Thanks to GunbotShop.

how and were can I find gunbot

im sure they are working on the dust problem

I am using Binance but also have a look at Kucoin

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Apology !!!!
I think I caused binance to crash, I got a app called delta and when I used binance, I could transfer crypto without a payment method, so I went over the top and transferred thousands of ETH and the next day, I hear that binance crashes, I’m so sorry if I caused interference with anyone. lol

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At least them. Now in East Africa we use bitpesa, these guys have higher charges especially on weekends. Their fees are high as the are the only monopolies. Others do manual exchange

More exchanges should think of opening up some offices in Africa to encourage people to use cryptos. Otherwise, things may not move well with African guys on crypto issues

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so many time I will try but I cannot understand

If you have BnB you can sell all those fractions , so easy solution for the problem: buy a bunch of bnb and then liquidate it.

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