GunBot Review EXPOSED!

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There is a lot of buzz floating around about this Gunbot tool, and you want a "Gunbot Review" to help you learn more about this bitcoin robot software.

You landed on the right page my friend.

Because as you keep reading you will be SHOCKED to discover what this tool is actually able to do for you. As well as the con that this tool drags along with it.

Let's talk about Gunbot shall we?

What is Gunbot?

Gunbot is a highly advanced technology software that is able to read certain trends using certain indicators programmed into it. As you let this smart bot work, it will start to make bitcoin trades on your behalf.

However it would seem that you also need to pay attention to this tool on a daily basis and it is NOT a set and forget method of trading bitcoin.

You will be able to learn how to read certain trends and indicators, which is great. But for the price, it would be nice to be able to get a software you did not have to check all the time and change trading strategies.

My #1 Recommended Trading Robot Tool

Gun bot is a solid tool for anyone that wants to make money online with bitcoin.

It would be unethical for me to call Gun Bot a scam. I think...

You are able to make trades on your own exchange account and learn trading while you do it.

Gunbot Pros

  • Offers high customization.

  • Very smart and effective technology allows the bot to make consistent winning trades on your behalf.

  • Freedom to test different strategies

Gunbot Cons

  • High customization. (how are brand new people supposed to understand bot set up and testing? That's kinda like asking to lose money if you don't know what your doing.)

  • Did not offer the ability to hedge with USD or USDT. However it maybe updated now at the time of reading this.

  • Some people have had buggy bots and had to set up 2 bots or make a new account because it would not work properly. Not something I like to hear about. User experience is important for you and the people you share something with, right?

Gunbot Review Conclusion

Gunbot is legit. It is not a scam. If you decide to get Gunbot today, you are not making a bad decision by any means. This is a working tool that is able to help you with bitcoin profits for a very long time to come. There is really no down side in my opinion, other that perhaps one...

I really don't like the customization because I would rather purchase a bitcoin trading bot that already has the best parameters set, as well as, is able to adapt. I don't want to have to worry about testing some phony new trading lines vs a new altcoin because of some random Youtube video I saw. Cross your fingers.

What if you mess up a setting and you can't pay your car payment? When would you realize that 'that' setting is the problem?

Gunbot is for more advanced traders willing to risk more and lose more to find winning custom strategies.

Wouldn't be nice if you could just get one bot set up, no glitch or bugs, and have automatic parameters set up to make you the most bitcoin possible?

...Something more suitable for beginners or people who just want something to run in the background while they build another business or simply enjoy life.

If that sounds more your style, but you still want something like Gunbot to trade for you, then click here to learn more about my #1 Bitcoin Profit Recommendation.

However if you enjoy testing and tweaking, great!

Gunbot is for more advanced traders if you want to customize.

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