Gun control advocacy is incoherently insane.

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It's funny to think that the rhetoric surrounding the gun control supporters has shifted so dramatically, long enough ago, that I can say, "I'm old enough to remember when the gun control side was coherent."

The divide used to be messy while still being possible to navigate. The pro-2A people were, and usually still are, a combination of patriotic conservatives, people who don't trust the government to do anything, and people who have pragmatic and personal reasons to carry a gun for protection. The gun control side, by and large, used to be people who trusted the government.

The gun control people were always wrong. Still, the attitude that you don't need a gun when you can call a cop is (or was) at least coherent enough to understand. In fact, it was more coherent back before there was such an overlap between gun control advocates and people who hate cops. When people were saying that you should just call a cop, cell phones weren't much of a thing. I didn't get my first cell phone until I went off to college. In that era of gun control support, in order to call the cops, you'd need to be at home or otherwise near a phone that you could use during the assault. Now, in the age of cell phones, wherein most of us can call 911 from any place at any time, it seems that most of the anti-gun people are all the more skeptical about trusting the police, and all the more aware that, even with access to a phone, an violent attacker isn't gonna take a break from the assault to let you call 911.

You all know that I'm not much for the intersectional bullshit; but, if you really believe that cops are a bunch of racist, misogynist, homophobic, beta-males with small penieses who are just looking for an excuse to feel like a big man and murder a black guy, the only people who should be in favor of gun control should be rich, straight, white men who feel more comfortable around cops, live in gated communities, and usually have armed protection anyway.

Gun control support makes sense if you feel safer knowing that the cops are patrolling your neighborhood. It makes sense if you trust the government, all the way down to the government's storm troopers.

Gun control makes zero sense when it's coupled with "Fuck the police!" or even "Abolish the police!"

In every way but one, this new unholy marriage of incompatible ideas should be the death of gun control activism. By their own logic, the push for gun control should be seen as a push by a bunch of privileged white men to disarm oppressed groups who are living in legitimate fear of hate crimes and real violence.

The only thing keeping this version of gun control advocacy alive is that it's so incoherent that it's hard to find a point of attack. There is a point where a point of view is so bat-shit insane that it's impervious to logic.

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