A trip to the local gun show.

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Hello, steemians, and welcome to my page, eh!

The local sportsmans club sponsors 2 gun shows every year, one in the fall, and one in the spring. The one in the fall is always right after labor day. This year it was yesterday evening and today. I usually go to the Friday afternoon session, that way I don't have to get up early to go to the show. I took the camera with me to get a few pictures for my blog so that I would have something to write about. So, let's take a look at some of the guns that were for sale at the gun show, shall we?

This first picture show 4 military surplus SKSs. This rifle was designed at the end of WW2 by the Soviet Union, but did not see production until after the war. The SKS is a semi automatic rifle with a built in 10 round box magazine. These rifles were manufactured by several countries after WW2. 2 of these rifles are of Russian manufacture, and the other 2 are from different countries.

At the same dealer's table was a nice group of shotguns.

He also had several bayonets for sale for the people who collect them.

Moving on from those tables, I came to this rack. The bottom gun is a vintage 32 rimfire single shot. The next gun up is a Snider action "Zulu" shotgun in 12 gauge. These guns were converted from rifles to shotguns for the African trade. The next gun up is a nice basic 12 gauge double barrel shotgun with shorter barrels, often called a "coach gun". The black thing on top is a fiberglass stock for some rifle.

On the other side of the rack was 2 over & under fancy shotguns and a sporterized Mauser action rifle.

There was also a nice antique double barrel 12 gauge shotgun with Damascus Twist barrels.

He also had a French pinfire revolver that dates back to the Civil War.

Moving on to a different dealer table I found this.

The same dealer also had these rifles.

Moving on to other tables, I found these. The second rifle in this picture is a British WW1 vintage SMLE No 1 Mk 3 dated 1916. The third rifle is a Swiss straight pull military rifle. Most of these rifles are 1930s and 40s vintage. The fifth rifle is an M-1 Garand.

At another table, I found these interesting long guns. There are 2 flintlock muzzle loaders, and just past that is a late model Remington rolling block rifle chambered for the Spanish 7 X 57 cartridge. These were made for the Spanish government around the beginning of the 1900s and issued to their colonial troops. Some of these were used by the Spanish troops in the Spanish American war.

There were a lot of other tables full of various hunting rifles and shotguns, and a few more "black guns", as well as a variety of modern and vintage pistols at the show that I didn't take pictures of, mostly because I forgot to take the pictures. I always enjoy going to these shows just to see what's for sale. I usually don't have enough money to buy any of the older rifles that I would want to add to my collection, the older rifles are always expensive. This time around, all I bought was a cup of coffee and a box of ammo.

Here is my proof of it being my pictures at the gun show, taken with my camera. :-)

Well, that's all I have for this post, I hope you found it interesting!

Thanks for stopping by my page and checking out my post, eh!

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Hey grab that grenade launcher equipped AR for me. Also, send grenades!


Hey grab that grenade
Launcher equipped AR for me.
Also, send grenades!

                 - sircork

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


I've noticed that those grenades are hard to get these days...LOL


you are a haiku wizard

Looks like a large array of rifles there. In a place like that i would have definately bought something....


There was a couple of older guns that I would have been happy to buy, but I didn't have the money to buy them.

You should note for those who have never been to a gun show and who believe that there is a loophole that all the dealers there are federally licensed and perform background checks right at the show.

I remember when the SKS's came to the market. A friend tried to get me to buy one. $80 each. Now I wish I had bought several. LOL.


I know, right!
I've had a couple of different SKSs, one Russian, and one Romanian. Both were well made guns and pretty good shooters. I sold them at different times when I needed money to pay bills when I was broke. When I bought them, they were less than 150 bucks. Not any more...


that's when you should have bought a case!


You're welcome!

Wooo.. this all seems so dangerous to me... Still, as someone that has never fired a gun in my life, I do sometimes wonder what it's like. Maybe I should try and visit a shooting range someday ;-)



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That's the best way to start if you haven't handled a gun before.


The gun show is one of the safest places you can be.

@amberyooper Nice! I would love to have an SKS! A Mini 14 too, well, maybe when I move out of California. :-)


Yeah, California does seem to have a problem with semi autos, and guns that can carry more than 10 shots at one time...
At least you can get small magazines for the mini 14, so that's not so bad.


really? That sucks! the AG in MA banned all ARs and AKs but you can still get a ranch rifle.

You see this!?


you let me know

Margolin 22 cased


That's a rather interesting looking pistol!


yes, I really want it. I found one on auction after a few years of looking, it was in texas and they wouldn't do business with California, sucks


Yeah, California is kind of restrictive, and some people and businesses are afraid to do business there because they don't know all the laws.