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Hello everyone !

Big day today: bridge.NLG is out !🍾

For the lazy ones their is a ‘TL;DR’ at the end of the page 😘

After A LOT of back and forth, exploring every options and possibilities Tatch Capital team up with #CryptoBridge to make a #Gulden bridge upon the #Bitshares #DEX (decentralised exchange).

Big thanks to #CryptoBridge and Jesse and Shews in particular to make this happen. Hopefully this first common project will lead to a tighter partnership.

Thanks to Iryna and Yury from #OpenLedger too, they showed us great respect and professionalism with very nice, but a bit oversized, proposals.

Why and how ?

Because we could and because it was needed. bridge.NLG was the missing piece for Tatch Wallet.

We tried BTC, bitEUR and even BTS as ‘reserve cryptocurrency’ but so far none of those are easily and cheaply redeemable towards your bank account.

In that regards we also hope that OpenLedger will reset their fiat-gateway soon or that GuldenTrader will be added as a fiat-gateway on the Bitshares DEX (that’s the plan).

Meanwhile NLG has IBAN wiring connection embedded in its wallet via Nocks® API and, soon, GuldenTrader should provide a EUR gateway too. Others centralised gateway already exist such as #Litebit, etc.

But this was also a missing piece to #Gulden so far only #NLG/EUR and #NLG/BTC were actively traded, from now on NLG can be trade directly against any assets upon #Bitshares DEX!
Our wallet Dashboard now includes following pairs :
Capture d’écran 2018-03-29 à 17.15.06.png

If it doesn’t make our wallet more attractive at least it makes it more efficient, starting for ourselves.

A Word about Gulden

If you don’t know about Gulden, you should start here and read their white-paper. If you are curious, do have a look at devs website too.

Here is quick, non-exhaustive list of why we find NLG amazing:

  • NLG vs Bitcoin from #Guldenbites
  • Transactions are very cheap and don’t increase in pricing like Bitcoin when there is a lot of transactions and network is in congestion
  • It’s fast (60 to 150 seconds)
  • It’s very efficient: see Pow2 and get all details here
  • Secure, again check Pow2 documentation
  • Transparent, you can check explorers here and here.
  • Easy, cfr. Alias project and other coming updates
  • Great community: Slack, Telegram)
  • Professional: have a look at Nocks® checkout for instance, or B2C and B2B businesses using it like Taxi Noord. A list of shops can be found here. In short, it’s for everyone: retailers, individuals, businesses, institutionals, funds, etc
  • Great fundamentals: Many updates and projects will be going live soon too: Pow2, G-Dash, GuldenTrader, Nocks new fiat-gateways (USD and GBP), Segsit, etc.

Gulden as a reserve cryptocurrency #NLG

From all cryptocurrencies, Gulden has always been our favourite. In regards of all above features and our ‘unofficial’ and historical relationship with the Gulden community it only makes sense that our DEX Wallet includes it.

Using NLG as a mid-layer should also facilitate things for GuldenTrader to add TCN and offer arbitrage opportunities between available pairs.

In order to visualise how having bridge.NLG was really the missing piece, here is a small infograph:
Capture d’écran 2018-03-28 à 21.47.22.png

One (small) trouble though…

Because Crypto-Bridge is not merged with BTS upstream YET; it’s not possible to add crypto-bridge in our Deposit/withdraw tab for now. This should be fix in a month or so…

This means that deposit/withdraw of NLG/bridge.NLG can only happen on wallet.crypto-bridge.org
While your ID/pass from your Tatch Wallet account should work on both wallets, it’s (strongly) advise to make a new account on their wallet and then transfer the bridge.NLG to your normal Tatch account.

You can find a tutorial here.

A word about Tatch Beta 4 — Rubicon

With this great news, beta 4 — Rubicon is now well advanced already. Coming weeks will focus on wallet updates and testing of the bridge.NLG with live traders.
Official launch of TCL.SILVER pre-sale is next priority and you can expect to hear about it real soon 😊.


  • Crypto-Bridge and Tatch Capital team up to make NLG available on the DEX
  • Tatch Wallet is now focus on /NLG pairs
  • Deposit/withdraw option is still ‘uncomplete’ but functional

Don’t hesitate to join us on Telegram, upvote, share and ask questions in comment section.

Much love,


Tatch Capital Limited

[TCN]: Tatch Convertible Note (aka TatchCoin)


All disclaimers and common sense apply.
No advise, just personal commentary.
”Never go full retard”.

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