Guitar Lessons On The Steem Blockchain - Sweet Caroline (Easiest Beginner Song)

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Here's how to play the popular song Sweet Caroline by Niel Diamond. This is one of the easiest songs to play as a beginner. If you aren't sure how to play the E, A and D chords, check out my chord videos from last week. Here are the links:

Be sure to check out all my Guitar Lessons On The Steem Blockchain @topfox

Any questions? Requests? Leave them in the comments below, thanks.

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always good prasaanku, if again playing guitar, karna I like to play guitar, sometimes with guitar also I take the time to be creative,

Nice post
Thanks for sharing your skill

Very great lessons to know 👍✨❗

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Great idea to do guitar lessons. I really like that song 'Sweet Caroline' :) Thanks for sharing Xx

You're welcome!

Very great video, thx for sharing xD
Please visit my blog and vote my videos too, :-)

Very good idea adding lessons to Dtube, we need more of this :)

First time I hear song Sweet Caroline on youtube nice song,
thanks @topfox for sharing basic guitar,

i cover music like you too,

Nice! Bro, can you play a full piece also? I like live performances :)

Also where you from? We're having a DTube meet-up at Niagara Falls April 11 (tentative date)

#onelove #dtube

Ya I'll get some full songs up at some point. I'm from Toronto.

Bro! Come to our DTube meet-up @ Niagara Falls on April 11 !


Good lessons!

Wow! This is great, how i wish everyone could play a guitar. Gud job bro, am also a guitarist although i dont post about covers, i am dedicated to teaching begginners. Am new anyway you can check me out though. You did well friend😉

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I love play guitar but i cannot do it

Get a guitar and start practicing!

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