Guitar Lessons On The Steem Blockchain - Top 5 Ways To Improve (For ALL Musicians)

in guitarlessons •  8 months ago

My fellow Steemian MUSICIANS, here are my top 5 ways you can improve!
Beginner, intermediate, and advanced musicians, if you aren't progressing as fast as you'd like, or you're having problems in some areas, I guarantee you'll find some helpful information here.

5 ways to improve are:
-Play with metronome/recording
-Slow down
-Practice more efficiently
-Perform/play with other people

Watch the full video for my tips on how to improve your musicianship.

And in case you missed my video on how to avoid the top 5 most common mistakes on guitar, here is the link:

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This is awesome. Could use a guy like you in the Five Star Entertainment community Discord server :)

Thanks very much for sharing this. Great tips, I'm sharing this with a friend of mine who's also learning guitar and he'll sure appreciate it.

great lesson.. I do love guitar but I think the guitar doesn't like me :D


The guitar does not have feelings towards accepts what you give it and gives back equally :D


maybe I don't give much effort to learn it that is why it gives the same :D

Nice tips! I've been playing guitar for over ten years. Resteemed!

Thanks for this nice lesson.
While learning the guitar, the use of metronome really helped ne to improve on my timing and how I could adapt to different rhythms of songs.

Well topfox big thanks to you for this particular post because it communicates many things about you,

  1. You love what you do thats why you have gone that far
  2. You love steemians and thats why decide to share your ideas about this instrument of great sound and influence.
    3.You will be a great perfecter because you love teaching and teaching is termed as ''a learning teaching process''
    All this are with you and in you so deserve credit for what you in the steemian community and that around you.
    My love for this instrument still stands and today i can play a few notes on it but its a patiency, practice and focus requiring area.
    One thing that may pull as a bit down in learning how to play an instrument is access to it and i faced that so i told myself that Joseph first buy it and you will grow in it.
    Thanks so much please do not stop sharing.
    Steemians at heart
    Be Blessed

Metronome all the way
Information useful

Nice post for beginners out there, upvoted and resteemed !!!!



Good tutorial, good points and good video. Greetings from Venezuela

I think that metronome use is an excellent way for beginners to advance students to practice but a lot of self taught people will not ever do it. I also used to do a lot of visualizations when I first started and still do, I think I will make a post of some other tips which can help noobies advance quickly. Nice post and keep up the good work.


Hopefully the self-taught people will find good lessons and realize they should play with a metronome! Or at least play with recordings.

Great Post @topfox, I See & Enjoyed. Thanks For Sharing. Don't Forget To Check The Best Post Of @kentcarlevi

Nice tips. It might help me improve, I'm still a beginner though and my bar chord movement is poor.


Check out my new barre chord lesson here:

Great video! I invite you to my musical channel on!

Good tips ! For the last one i don't play that much with friends , i m practising much time alone or maybe all of my time alone haha :p


Try performing for one of your friends :)

wow, your music post really best (Topfox)thanks