Handmade Eco Travel Guitar Giveaway!!!!! Absolutely genuine - only on Steemit

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2017-03-26 18.29.24.png

In case you missed it the first time around...

I am going to be building a unique travel guitar entirely from local and reclaimed materials and documenting the build right here on Steemit.

At the end of the project, if this series has enough interest from the good people of Steemit, I will give the guitar away to one very lucky travelling guitarist.

Read my original post here:


Making guitars by hand, as I do, is a lot of work. The value of a guitar such as this will be very high. I am doing this because I believe in you. This kind of offer doesn't come around every day.

Please upvote, comment, follow and resteem. It all makes a difference.

2017-07-06 10.46.57.png

^ Thanks to @icmultidutes aka Sarah Rosenberg for this lovely picture which makes me appear shrouded in mystery and light. She travelled all the way from Boulder Colorado to take this portrait of me. Contact her if you would like her to take your photo. Check out her steemit page to see more of her wonderful photography of people, places and things.

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Hello, I am from the Minnows acceleration project (MAP) and am trying to round up all of the participants (I saw you participated in MAP5 a while ago) as we have a Discord group specially dedicated for the contestants, it is created by @rycharde, just like the competition itself and I am a Moderator in it(I participated in MAP2) If you use Discord and want to join the community, here is a link! If the link expires, feel free to ask me for another one! 🙂

Best of wishes, Linda :)

Way cool! A very kind and generous steemian gesture.
Documenting the custom build and revealing your artistic flow
is a great way to share your story.

What an amazing initiative! My boyfriend is a luthier and I know the amount of work that goes into making an instrument, this person who wins this will be very lucky indeed :)

That is one heck of a great pic. Leaves you looking super skilled, shrouded in mystery and light.

It sure is. I should have credited the photographer really. . It was my good friend Sarah Rosenberg - aka - @icmultitudes who took it. Hey, that's you! Small world.

I'm just honored you like it enough to use it. You artistic types are so picky :)

Aww, I just saw what you wrote ^^^ So kind! And so worth the trip! 💕 The hours on trains and buses... :D