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ruben diaz 2013.jpg

Me and Ruben, my teacher, in Malaga, 2013. We enjoyed a few glasses of local sherry, in a bar with no seats and mud floors, where the sweet nectar came into the glass straight from the barrels. According to insiders this place was known to be frequented by the magnificent Pablo Picasso, evidenced by pictures of Picasso taken at this location which were hung on the walls.

When your strings look like this it is time for a change:


The black stuff is oxidation. Dusty guitar... need to blow the dust off... need to play more!

More black stuff on my strings!20180107_133156.jpg

The bass strings do not tune well or sound good. The sound is worn out and muffled, missing that magical crystal crisp timbre.

My action at the 12th fret is "two quarters" thick:


I thought about changing the carbon fiber bridge, because i had some buzz on the E treble string. In the end I stuck with the same bridge and just put a new Hard Tension E string. The buzz issue seems to have been resolved.

Here is how I tie the strings at the bridge:
Step 1:
Step 2:

With a little help from my friend, it took no time at all:

And bada bing!


My friend Ruben warned me to always change one string at a time, in order to maintain the tension on the neck as much as possible while changing strings. I also did not change the 2nd and 3rd string. They last a lot longer then bass stings do! This time I didn't follow the advice but you should! Rules are meant to be broken... right?

This is the strings I put on this guitar:

Happy Steeming!


Can you do a video of you playing the guitar? that would be great.

I dedicate this post to @j-x and @nzfxtrader (as per your request), full of mistakes and all, unedited, this is for you my friend. ps. Your turn to send me a video of you playing!

Awesome dude! Really enjoyed that .... put the video on https://d.tube !

I tried to put on dtube but it errors out. I had problems. Also if you link d tube in steemit you don't get a video play button, you get a dtube link instead. I may just be doing it all wrong!

Yes I will use this guitar for the next part in my blog. Thank you.

Looking forward to that too!

Improvisation is risky, mistakes are made and its there for all to see. I had fun so i laugh at the mistakes.

Wooo hermano, Impresionante post muchos éxitos para su blog y un gran saludo desde Venezuela:)

Muchisimas gracias amigo. Un fuerte abrazo desde Calgary!

le invito ha pasar por mi blog como yo lo estare haciendo por el suyo amigo:)

estupendo tu post amigo, he quedado impresionado. Saludos y un gran abrazo.

Gracias Jose por tu commentario. Saludos!

hermano aprovecho para invitarte a mi blog, sería de gran ayuda!

me parece genial. saludos te invito a visitar mi blog

Gracias, sí, visitaré tu blog. Saludos!

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