Continuing Analysis of LearnGuitar using Vimeo Platform

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Today we will analyze the second search result for the query “LearnGuitar,” the seem username on vimeo. The second result concerned arpeggio’s and was 8 years old from the account including a url in the title: “” The URL goes to a Godaddy page advertising the page for $10 US fiat.

The channel in reference possessed 11 videos and 3 followers. The channel info goes on about how the company was founded in 2006, 12 years ago by a musician and a guy named Austin in Austin Texas. The company’s goal was multimedia guitar course. It supposedly features 80 videos, so perhaps they are on youtube or a different video hosting provider.

The Channel joined Vimeo 8 years ago when the video that led us to the channel was posted. The channel’s most popular video had 5k views and concerned a Legato Slide, but had no loves, collections or comments. The second most popular video was a shift slide video, with 2700 views and also no other interactions—so perhaps bot views?

Like the previously discussed video, it seems the channel was just to expand their producer’s audience, but ended up not being their primary hosting provider—assuming they have 69+ other videos of content somewhere—or did at least before losing their website.

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You are doing a good job. Good trainer also. In all musical instruments I love guitar. But I couldn't play well. Your video is very helpful for me. Thanks for sharing the video.

these are not my videos, but you can find mine if your scroll back or wait a while

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Hmm, wow, nice information to lovers of guitar like me. But not too good news for those guys loosing their web.

thanks, yea hope to have great course completed by end of amrch

Awesome, can I download the video...??

maybe, they are not my videos,

Sure, there are lots of video platforms that offer guitar lessons but most don't teach in any particular order! Nor from a full-time working guitarist that's appeared on MTV, toured for Curb Records and currently has music on HBO & TLC. In addition to Learning Chords & Scales, we offer How to Change your Strings, How to Get Gigs, How to Record Songs, How to Create a Music Video and More!! Easily learn everything about Guitar from your TV, Computer, Tablet or Phone at your own pace for a 1/4 of the price of any online guitar course or music store instructor.

my course is free, and your reputaiton is 9, recommend making meaningful comments if you dont want to totally fail on steem

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Those are really less views.

what do you mean less views, they are not my videos, what do you like and/or hate about them?

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Wow really nice and wonderful article..
I love the post thanks for this info..
Am great I found you here on steemit cause am a lover of guiter so much, am obsessed with it..
Looking forward to more of your posts here on steemit.

do not spam me

@learnguitar I would never do that..
I don't spam..
Trust me please

it's fine, yea just try to avoid duplicates. Hope things are going well!!

Wow really nice and wonderful article..
I love the post thanks for this info..
Am great I found you here on steemit cause am a lover of guiter so much, am obsessed with it..
Looking forward to more of your posts here on steemit.

why do u make duplicate comment, i will have total course ready end of march but much of the ideas are already in past videos if u want to learn about gutiar/music theory

Sorry please for the duplicate text..
Was a mistake...
And about the video I would try checking it out.

cool whatever works, they are not my videos, i dont care

permission resteem
Good post

thx, saying more than good post, cause can be for any post.

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