Erotomania (Dream Theater Cover) - From my Archives

in guitar-trail •  4 months ago

Been checking out some of my old archives and found some fun videos i made years ago (much before joining steemit), thought it would be fun to share it on Dtube for you all!

This one is playing with some friends, on bass is fellow @maerod, and drums my good friend Daniel, trying to bring him aboard soon!

We used to play several Dream Theater covers, we recorded this as an experiment, we played the whole song although this is only the solo section clip, i never really liked the original mix so i tried to improve it several times, but who cares?, its still pretty cool to share...

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Saludos Rafael... buena música mano. Un abrazo desde Aragua.


Gracias mi pana!, saludos! :)

Great time together, my bro! :D


Epale chamo!, claro que si!, tienes discord para cuadrar por ahi?