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I know that I am here just for a while, but I've already made some small progress here, and learned something. Now I want to share some newbie tips with you.
Have in mind that these tips will probably help only to those completely new on Steem blockchain.

Tip 1: Engage on as many Steem interfaces as you can

To get in line with all what's happening, and to be seen, you have to be everywhere. For general use I recommend Partiko, eSteem and Busy.
You can find them all on steem project here:

Afterwards you can join specialized interface for videos, photos or streaming.
For example DTube, Viewly,, Deegram(Alpha) or Appics.
You can find them here:

Tip 2: Create and customize your profile

You can create your profile on the sites above or on your Steemit blog, simply by uploading your desired profile picture and writing a few words about yourself in the description. Description should be short and represent your profile, for example: Photographer, Crypto newbie, Gamer.

Tip 3: Play games

Yes, you can earn crypto by playing games on Steem blockchain. This process takes a long time, but you will eventually get a stable income. You can find games on steemprojects under Games. The games I play are DrugWars, SteemNova and NextColony. You can also play some hazard games if you feel lucky, but I don't recommend it, at least for the start of your doings here.

Tip 4: Get to know people

So now you're online, but you have no followers nor you are following someone. Therefore you should find someone active, someone who shares information about steem and engages in all kinds of activities, to get yourself in the happenings here. This sole thing can help you understand blockchain better. It also might be someone whose welcoming video or post you saw first (This is not begging really, just a tip).

For the start I recommend following @arcange and @artbyclark. Both of these people will inspire you and embrace you in your work.

Tip 5: Make quality content!

Anyone said you'll be making money for free? Well, I didn't. But what about doing things you like, and getting paid for that?
Do you like painting, gaming, programming, photographing, or you have completely something new and original? So push it to the limit of steem blockchain! Don't be afraid, there is nothing you can loose, only get.
The blockchain will pay you after 7 days, so you have just a limited time to get votes and get yourself seen. This might scare you, but don't worry, everything needs time, especially the start.

On the very beginning noone knows about you, but if you keep going and never stop believing in the quality of your content, you will be rewarded. Get to know people with similar interests, follow those people, engage in conversations and vote for their work you like. Maybe one day, they'll scroll down through their votes and hit your profile.

Pro Tip 6: Be active!

Yes, this is actually the most vital things for you to survive here. So you was the one who never commented, never liked and never engaged in the social interactions on the internet? I'll tell you a secret, I was something similar. Maybe you are shy, or you just don't care, but here, it is a completely different universe.

Ever had a thought about a video or post somewhere? Now is your chance, comment anything you have your opinion on (with intelligent commentary), like (vote) anything you like, resteem (share) what really catched your interest. Be as active as your bandwidth allows you. You can also use bots to delegate your votes if you're not here.

Tip 7: Earn and make others earn

Here on blockchain you have your Vote. This Vote has no power at the start, but with your rising value and your own power, you will gain more powerful Votes, that means you'll generate profit for the Steemians you voted for, but also a bit for yourself. From this you can clearly see the model of monetization here. You don't have to invest into your account to have some value. You just need to catch an interest of someone with value. You will gain a value through their Votes, and now you can Vote for others and generate income for them. Simple chain isn't it? The success of one is a success of everyone in the blockchain. Therefore everyone should be active. You have surely seen posts with hundreds of Votes with value of, for example $5, and then another post with ten Votes and almost same, if not higher value. When you rise from a Plankton, don't forget that you already started sometime, and it wasn't easy, so support a genuine content creators and value quality content.

Don't forget, be active!

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