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A carpentry switch is a standout amongst the most helpful and adaptable instruments in the workshop. With our switch devices and extras you can transform your switch into an accuracy, multifunction machine.

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Switch Project Templates and Aids

With your carpentry switch, you can make a wide range of innovative ventures. From dishes and plate to cupboard ways to signs, trims, and venture complements, Infinity Cutting Tools has the majority of the switch frill you require.

Plate Making Templates

Our bowl and plate layouts make it simple to make party plate for those that jump at the chance to engage loved ones. Boundlessness Cutting Tools has a wide assortment of plans accessible for plate making layouts. We highlight a few great bowl and plate configuration formats and in addition occasion themed and sports-related plate layouts.


Cupboard Door Templates

A standout amongst the most mainstream ventures carpenters handle is cupboards, regardless of whether kitchen cupboards, washroom vanities, or furniture ventures. Including raised-board bureau entryways is a surefire approach to spruce up any venture. With our select Frame and Panel Master and Heavy-Duty Frame and Panel Master switch and shaper dances in blend with our standard entryway making formats, you can make flawless, proficient looking curved best and church building style raised-board entryways.

Signs, Inlay, and Accents

Unendingness Cutting Tools makes it simple for you to make your own particular signs, trims, and accents. We offer an extensive variety of frill for signmaking and making your own particular wood trims.

We additionally offer several convenient embellishments for adding beautifying contacts to your tasks. Our Fluting Jig for Straignt and Arched stock makes it simple to include reed and woodwind subtle elements. The 3-pc. Corner Radius Template Guide is the ideal answer for adjusting the sides of stock at the switch table for signwork, boxes, and an assortment of other venture assignments.

Switch Jigs, Router Joinery Guides, and Routing Accessories

As carpenters, we acknowledge how having the correct apparatus for the activity can take your task to the following level. Our determination of carpentry switch dances, aides, and extras give proficient outcomes.

Circle and Corner Cutting

One of the most straightforward approaches to make an immaculate hover is with a switch. Our circle-cutting dances, baseplates, and adornments take the problem out cutting circles. We offer an assortment of Jasper circle aides and dances that basically supplant the baseplate on your switch, transforming it into an accuracy compass for cutting and directing circles. Our Oval and Circle-Cutter with Vacuum Base is ideal for cutting circles from wide boards or sheet merchandise like compressed wood or MDF. The Milescraft RouterGuide Kit transforms your switch into a compass, edge guide, or counterbalance base switch.

Switch Joinery Guides

Another essential assignment for your switch is to make the joinery for your carpentry ventures. Our choice of joinery guides gives a definitive in accuracy to tight-fitting carpentry joints utilizing your hand-held switch or switch table. From dadoes to dovetails and box joints, you can't beat the simplicity and accuracy of our joinery frameworks.

Our selective Tapered Dovetail Spline System gives a simple answer for adding embellishing contacts and quality to box ventures. The Woodworker's Master Dado Set is the perfect answer for directing flawlessly measured dadoes for hole free joints. Make sure to look at the choice of items from Leigh, MPower, Milescraft, and Incra.

Switch Base Plates and Bushings

An assistant baseplate and guide bushing on your carpentry switch broadens its capacities for an extensive variety of errands from format steering to joinery.

Switch Bit Setup Jigs

When setting up numerous joinery bits in your switch table, setting the bit stature decisively can be a disappointing procedure. Here at Infinity Cutting Tools, we offer an assortment of setup hinders for our most well known switch bits inlcuding rail and stile switch bits, bolt miter switch bits, stick joint switch bits, and others.

Our switch bit setup dances likewise incorporate our selective Lock Miter Master Jigs. They make setting the switch bit tallness and switch table fence position idiot proof for idealize joinery without fail.

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