Inner GPS guiding system

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We all have our own inner GPS, those little whispers urging us to take action towards our joy. Not everyone pays it as much attention and sometimes opinions of others or what “should” be done seems a safer option. Our comfort zone is a safe place but nothing grows there!

I see my inner guidance as my co creation with my divine self. I trust it to reveal the next step so that my purpose on Earth unfolds in accordance with my life’s blueprint I chose before incarnating on Earth. Free will enables me to fulfill my life purpose in accordance with my own choices. My purpose can unfold in infinite number of ways and creating my own path is what my self realization truly is. It is therefore useless to have a “plan”. Such would preclude me from being a creator of my life. Inner guidance as to the next step is all I need to keep me on course I have chosen to experience and explore.

The next step is always dependent on where I am at in any given moment. If I am tired my next step can be an urge to take a nap or simply rest. When I am energized I may be wanting to connect with people and welcome an opportunity to join a group activity or accept an invitation to meet a friend. Following this inner urge, my inner GPS then reveals my next step of my journey. The people I meet may have new information for me, feelings of happiness can allow AHA insights to rise up in me and moments of true clarity can emerge. I can then act from that point – my next step will be different each time depending on the previous one.

If I choose to disregard my inner whispers and choose habitual activities in preference to what is presented to me my inner GPS will readjust. It knows I am off road 😉 It will either continue to voice the directions louder either through emotions getting heavier or through the body getting ill or change them completely depending how far off road I have ventured. For example ignoring my tiredness may lead to an accident necessitating I stop and rest anyways. Or a sudden new idea will be presented to me to follow. I can’t get it wrong, ever! The system is self adjusting and soul powered 😉 Moving forward makes it easier for the readjustments to occur. Just like it is easier to steer the wheels of the moving car then when it is parked.

My inner GPS is a “feelings and sensations” based system. It operates in the quantum energy field and its guidance is not logical. It scans matching cooperative components that can enhance my journey and brings them to my attention through the desires rising in me. It is my best friend 🙂

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I like to call it an instinct 😏
Do you believe in reincarnation?

I belive in smultaneous incarnation as time is a construct so that our linear minds can make logical sence of our existance

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