Winners for the Guess the Color Game Day 11 by Mermaidvampire

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Hello, Steemheads!

It's time to share the rewards for Day 11 of the Guess the Color Game by @mermaidvampire. We have 85 people who joined the game and 27 people got the right answer which is BLUE, but of course everyone got a little something because in this game there are NO LOSERS!

The earnings of this post will be shared by beneficiaries set by the author. Helping this post means helping the projects and causes supported by @mermaidvampire like the @cavampire Steem Apps Development and her Kidney Transplant fund. Thanks for the support!

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Total Post Earnings:


Prize Computation:

0.469/2 == 0.2345 *Prize pool too low
I will add 1 SBD to amp the reward, so everyone gets a little bit more.
1.469 is the total prize pool.

1.469/2 == 0.7345
0.7345/27== 0.027203 ≈ 0.027 (Winners)
0.7345/58 == 0.012663 ≈ 0.012 (Supporters)

List of Winners and Supporters


@abulhasanat, @kakin, @deantonio, @atongis, @benedict08, @lapb, @dizzyapple, @intisar, @bernadettecc, @roldamn, @joanhay, @tormenta, @djoi, @g10a, @olivia08, @bookoons, @kahawenz, @korshed, @wales, @omarbalzar, @sweetcnw, @membee, @coolarth, @ajasmin14, @samal, @francis25, @almg2007, @mobi72, @ligaya, @glenyosores, @fukumineko, @cadawg, @arose, @mavic2015, @itsmekuyad, @catietan, @lizzyib, @rotchel, @normalguy, @sexy-princess, @mohsin018, @mariallaura, @allerie00, @asimdnw, @danielarocio, @me2selah, @ambarabby, @hlezama, @marlon82, @ayesha0018, @bavon54, @poyim, @cherylsonty, @fherdz, @roselyn028, @byllan, @princessliz, @jenny018, @tonie, @steemjoker, @summer14, @cinderz, @tomboy, @dan16, @ryancalaunan, @zuckerzombie, @lorner, @whitehatartist, @motordrive, @izaid, @usman119, @nasrul71, @muh543, @e-rich, @amelin, @onefatindian, @yujomar, @oredebby, @gabriela24, @r5yn1r4, @gregoriojose, @reginecruz, @nicole27, @vjoel, @jimcustodio

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Thank you dear @mermaidvampire, you are always so mindful and generous:-))


Thank you @zuckerzombie. Keep playing daily.

Thank you so much @mermaidvampire 😘😘😘


Salamat din, Benny.

thank you so much..

Thank you so much!!

Black car

Thank you so much! ❤

thank you so much @mermaidvampire
More blessings to come for you
"congratulations to all winners"

Thank you po madam @mermaidvampire

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