Guess the Color Game - Day 147 | Mermaidvampire's DAILY Splitter Contest

Hello, awesome Steemheads!


I will be doing this game daily. The game will show a picture I took myself. It will be filtered 3x (three times) and the last filter is BnW or Black and White. In that way the original color is concealed. Then an object in the picture will be highlighted in focus. The task then is to guess the original color of that object. If the object is multicolored, the most dominant color is the one we are after.


I will show you a picture of a plant with a flower and it's filtered and it looks like this:

The object in focus is the flower as you can see, so you have to guess the color of it. After 7 days, the original image will be revealed. The person or persons who got the right answer will take 50% of the SBD payout, while the rest of the participants share the 50%. In this example, the winning answer is pink.

Important note: All images I will be using are my own and not searchable from anywhere online.

Easy, right?!? It is easy. Just answer and forget about it and in 7 days you will have a prize.

Now, I do need support. I need your help to be able to help many others through my contests. I do not require or demand upvotes and resteems for any of my contests but I am asking you to help support me any way you can, it's up to you. A post has a 7-day period until payout, please consider supporting any time in that time frame, if you can. I understand VP can be exhausted but I hope you can share something for everyone who will be participating in this game.

I am certain that the success of this game will be based on the appreciation it gets from the people who will support it. I am humbly asking for your support for me to be able to keep this going. I am not initiating this just because I want to, but because I want to be here and matter and do something for Steemit and my fellow planktons. Also, to let people engage and to make the platform even more fun than it is already.



About the picture:

Guess the color of the floral print or pattern on this tablecloth. Have a nice day and thanks for joining.

Host's Note:
I am testing DClick right now with this post. I am looking for ways to monetize this contest so I can give more prize to the reward pool. This game has been running for 4 months with support only from red fishes. No sponsors, no donors. When the reward is too low, the prize comes from my very own wallet. I am happy doing that but there's just too little that I have that I need to find more ways for this game to get support but it's harder than I thought so I will just utilize projects like DClick to monetize this. This is my first time that I am using DClick to post this game in, if you wish to support this game, please help click ads below. This is just a start, I will have to observe if it is beneficial to go this route. I will be giving a feedback and update you all if it works for the benefit of this game and the players. Thank you so much for the support and your loyalty to this game. Have a wonderful day.

Task and Prizes:

You need to comment below with your answer, just the color and only 1 color per person.
If a number of people answered the winning color, all of them will split the 50% reward of the payout.
The rest of the participants split the other 50%, AGAIN, NO LOSERS.

If no one guesses the right color, 75% of the payout will be shared by all. 15% goes to app development of a dev that MMV (@mermaidvampire) supports and 10% goes to MMV's kidney transplant fund.

The decision of @mermaidvampire as to what color she perceives is the color of the object in focus is final and indisputable. You can guess any color there is in the color wheel, from primary colors, secondary colors or compound colors, etc.

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Best of luck!

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Checkout @randomkindness, she has a charity lottery that runs daily.

Also checkout @zephalexia, she has an engagement kind of contest on her page, as well.

Love and Peace,


Any concerns, questions, suggestions, you may comment below or send me a memo in my wallet. Thanks!

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