Guess How Many? #43

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Game Rules

  • First person to guess the exact number wins the game.
    *If no one guesses the exact number, the closest number rounding down will win.

  • Winner will receive:
    *0.065 STEEM from #41 blog post.
    *0.071 STEEM from #42 blog post.
    *50% STEEM from this blog post.

  • Reblog this post and receive 0.05 STEEM.
    *Reply with "Reblog/Resteem" with your answer.

  • No winner, we will replay the same game, and add the 50% SBD to the new game.

  • One try per person.

  • Game last only for 24 hours.

Lets play again...

How many chocolate covered cashews are there?

Twitter @1Big_Word

Game Result

Thank you all for playing.


Congrats, you won.

The correct answer is 110, but we rounded down to the closest number which is 108.


182 - Resteemed


Now go check em!

Thank you for posting @bola.



218, reblog 4 free

131 resteemed


121 + Reblog

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